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The Gaa Gaas

Brighton, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Brighton, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


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""I expect great things from these fuzzed-up freaks.""

French satirist and author of such acclaimed works as Candide, Voltaire's most frequently quoted wisdom is, "All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds" - in a nutshell, play the hand that's dealt!

This resigned and fatalistic prose merchant lends his name to the Gothic bravado of the Brighton-based three-piece, The Gaa Gaas new single.

Looming like ghosts from the darkest corners of some subterranean crypt, our pained trio unleash sulky bursts of post-punk and macabre 60s garage in the manner of The Horrors.

The ghoulish band of lurking miscreants, let loose growling bass guitar, creeping distorted lead and Mogadon induced rockabilly drums, whipping-up a primordial wining version of PIL or Bauhaus.

There's a remix by Kitsune labels Punx Soundcheck, who lift the vocals from the original and immerse them in a bubbling froth of speed-shifting quacking beats and cyclonic marauding synths, to produce a classy sophisticated dance floor filler.

A solid, beguiling spiky and menacing shoegazing number, Voltaire benefits of the production of Robert Harder; whose work on Babyshambles and White Rose Movement helps to give the sound some much needed boosts and holler wailing vocals. I expect great things from these fuzzed-up freaks.

- God Is In The TV

""Top of these particular pops""

Various: Nineteen78 (Filthy Little Angels)

It was thirty years ago today, pop pickers: a collection of some of the movers and shakers of that Golden Year of 1978, re-recorded and re-interpreted by some of todays most influential young perfomers. It is, as you might expect, a masterpiece in its own right. Starting with Billy Ruffians' scarily accurate cover of Public Image's eponymous debut single (and top marks to the Rufflers for getting Keith Levine's guitar style practically note perfect), the following 17 tracks are a NowThatsWhatICallArtrockInA70sStylee compilation of moments of occasional genius. Hot Beds transform (Siouxsies')Hong Kong Garden into a leisurely electro stroll: Neon Sleeps' similar interpretation of (Elvis Costello's) Pump It Up gives the original a frantic remake: Shock & Awe give (The Only Ones') Another Girl Another Planet an authentic late 70s crank up, away from the louche semi-prog of what was one of last years surprise advert backing tracks: Ginger Toms' retake of (Radio Stars') Nervous Wreck has all the goofed claustrophobia of the original and an authentic RnB strut of the Dr Feelgood variety, but the position of top of these particular pop's has to go to The Gaa Gaas' autodestruction of (Plastique Bertrands') Ca Plan Pour Moi, originally a sub-Ramonesy 78 novelty recorded by one of Belguims' best remembered one hit wonders, and now torn apart on the altar of lo-fi electronica with only a harmonica break to remind us of how the original tune must've sounded. Anyone who actually remembers the late 70s will find all of this at the very least amusing, while anyone aged under 40 will find at least half of the tracks here as gritty and occasionally obnoxious as they sounded three decades ago : 'reversing into tomorrow' was one of the more prominent Mclarenesque slogans of the era and every band featured on 'Nineteen78' are doing exactly that.

Jon Gordon - Tasty Fanzine

"“You’ll never have a revolution if you stay underground!”"

“You’ll never have a revolution if you stay underground!”

It may sound like a rallying call to arms, but this proclamation was not issued by some shady, subversive organisation. Rather, it’s the considered opinion of Jamey, bass player with Brighton three-piece, THE GAA GAA’S. (Stand easy, MI5!)

Describing their music as ‘infectious dance’ and citing such influences as The Danse Society, Brian Jones Town Massacre, The Rapture and King Crimson, vocalist Gavin acknowledges the increasing popularity of scuzzy, dark, dance music. But as drummer Stewart expands:

“It’s nice to be part of an ‘underground’ movement, but we’re not scared of our music becoming fashionable as such. We just love what we’re doing and if it gets some recognition, then that’s a bonus.”

THE GAA GAA’S were formed way back in 2003, however as Gavin explains, it’s only now that they feel ready to formally release their music:

“ There have been many different line-ups over the years, but we’re now at the strongest. We’re all really good friends, from Jersey originally, and have moved to Brighton to ‘fulfil our musical goals.’ The musicianship feels great between us and our debut single, ‘Voltaire,’ is due for release on 1st November on Playground Records. It’ll be available on 7” vinyl format as well as a download basis and the B-side of the vinyl will be a Punx Soundcheck Remix of ‘Voltaire.’”

What was the thinking behind releasing two versions of the same song as the band’s debut, as opposed to showcasing another from their ‘live’ set-list?

Gavin continues:

“That was the label’s idea. Punx Soundcheck work with Playground Records and are part of the Kitsune label who are based in France. The intention is to get our music out to a whole new, additional market.”

“Although we play London more than Brighton at present (we’re a lot more suited to the darker dance wave that circulates the Capital) as far as media coverage goes, we’re a lot more established in Europe due to our playing the Drop Dead Festival recently,” says Stewart.

(The Festival organisers for this year’s event approached THE GAA GAA’S as they felt their music and image would fit he bill. When asked how the experience was, Jamey simply replies, “Itchy!”)

(Let’s not go there, shall we?)

With the artwork for the cover of their Demo EP ‘Repulsion Seminar’ influenced by revered French photographer Guy Bourdin, and their new single taking its title from the name of the eighteenth century French Enlightenment writer, it would appear that these guys are pretty well read. That being the case and at the risk of being impolite, I have to ask – why the unnecessary apostrophe in the band name?

“We really like apostrophes,” is the rather simplistic answer from Gavin. “We really like catastrophes as well,” he adds somewhat cryptically.

Hmmm – catastrophes I can do without. But a little revolution never really hurt anyone, did it?!

Sign me up!

- Artrocker Magazine


1 Digital release on Filthy Little Angels Records:

Ca Plane Pour Moi - FLA Nineteen78 Compilation (1 track) 2008

2 Self released EP's:

We Are All Pop Stars! EP (5 tracks) 2009
Repulsion Seminar EP (5 tracks) 2010

1 Digital released Single on The Playground Records:

Voltaire (2 tracks including Remix) 2010

1 Self released 7" Single:

Voltaire (2 tracks including Remix) 2011
Also available on i-Tunes

1 CD Compilation release on Peter Out Records

Hypnoti(z)ed - Peter Out Records Wave (1 track) 2012

1 Remix track used as Soundtrack for upcoming film titled - Wasters 2012

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Formed in 2003 after attending a garage punk night called ‘Bomp’ that was held in St Helier in Jersey Channel Islands and now residing in Brighton/UK, the group consists of Gavin Tate - vocal/guitar/synths. Chris Hodgson - vocal/bass. Mark Andrews - drums/percussion.

Their debut single ‘Voltaire’ was produced by James Aparicio (Nick Cave, Mogwai) and mastered by Robert Harder (Brian Eno, The Slits) and was released on The Playground Records November 2010.