The Gaffer

The Gaffer


The Gaffer brings together guitar-driven classic rock in the Led Zeppelin style, with the lyrical prose and sonic experimentations of bands such as Radiohead. With expertly crafted songs and powerful live performances, The Gaffer is a band that will make you believe in the greatness of rock music.


Formed in April of 2010 by Scottish-born singer-songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist, Martin Coughlin, The Gaffer also consists of lead guitarist, Dave O'Rielly, bass guitarist, Kevin Stram, and drummer, Danny King.

The group released their debut 4-song EP, "Occupy Yourself", in March of 2012, produced by former Unwritten Law guitarist, Steve Morris and recorded at San Diego's legendary, Big Fish Studios.


Occupy Yourself

Written By: Martin Coughlin

All this time, I've always thought that I...had no control. I had no control.
All this time, as I sat on the side of the game...picking out people to blame for what I don't know.
And you can see yourself as a victim of circumstances; or you can rise above, taking all of your chances.
Occupy Yourself. It's all you can do. Occupy Yourself, before they occupy you.
All this time, as envy drove my desire and jealousy made me a liar, when confronting the truth.
And you can see yourself as a prisoner of the machine, but your liberty comes not from without, but from within.
The way forward is never to feel that all the things that you want you have to borrow or steal. You can't climb while you're pulling down those that are trying to fly you're keeping dead on the ground.

Howlin' At The Moon

Written By: Martin Coughlin

I feel its time I should go. No reason for me to stay. I feel that you ought to know, there can't be no other way.
I did my best to believe that what you said was the truth. But you've got me down on my knees expecting some kind of proof.
Hey hey baby, I've been losing this fight. I've tried loving you although it ain't right. You keep on telling me that you're coming soon and you've got me howlin' at the moon.
Maybe someday I'll find what it is that you need, but you're never satisfied until you're making me bleed. I've got no right to complain, or so you say everyday. And when you're best has been tamed, will you let it go on its way?

I'll Be Waiting

Written By: Martin Coughlin

I want me some truth. I'm sick of these lies.
No more illusion, no more disguise.
Sometimes I feel that its all in my head and I can't help but think of the words that you said.
So what if the road ahead is unknown? Would you rather be facing it all on your own?
While you figure this out I'll be waiting, I'll be waiting.
Take your time, you know I'll be waiting. Waiting here for you.
I want me some peace. I'm sick of the fight.
It's a constant reminder of who's wrong and who's right.
Sometimes I feel that there's something out there to make me feel I believe and make me feel that I care.
I'm trying to understand how we all need that helping hand, but pride will hold me back from you, no matter what I do, its never enough.

Light Of The Day

Written By: Martin Coughlin

Afraid of what's out there, afraid of what's in, drawing me near.
Constant emotion, lucid translation, of all that I fear.
I want nothing but time. Time to explain all that I have to say.
Darkness can cloud out the mind, but everything seems clearer in the light of the day.
Strings that connect us, are the working against us? No-one can be sure.
Is it my reason, or is it my faith that opens the door.
Truth's coming to find you, it sneaks up behind you and catches you cold.
And I seek my salvation, escaping damnation, with my innocence sold.
I'm looking for my way home, but all I've found is pain.


"Occupy Yourself" EP-Released, March, 2012

Track Listing:
1. "Occupy Yourself"
2. "Howlin' At The Moon"
3. "I'll Be Waiting"
4. "Light Of The Day"

"Howlin At The Moon" YouTube Music Video-Released, June, 2012