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The Galaxy Machine

Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle, Washington, United States
Band Alternative Funk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"I love the energy your music creates!"

I love the energy your music creates!

Have a weekend filled with artistic expression.

Tammy (poetic dreamer) - Tammy on myspace

"Was it in a dark nightclub packed with sweaty bodies dancing the night away? Was it on a retro 80's compilation CD? Was it the 90's? Was it now? Was it blaring at a party last Friday?"

Was it in a dark nightclub packed with sweaty bodies dancing the night away? Was it on a retro 80's compilation CD? Was it the 90's? Was it now? Was it blaring at a party last Friday?

I'm not sure where I last heard the Galaxy Machine's latest ep, Ancient Future, but I do know it's familiar. And that's odd seeing as how I've never heard of them until I was handed this CD. You can hear layer upon layer of influences packed into this four song release.

Track one, Burning Throne, immediately threw me back to those days where I would be crammed into a nightclub where there were more bodies than space. It's heavy on rhythym and deep bass. It's a lush vocal blending of reggae rap and erotic melodies.

There's a mild transition into Give. The second track is far more upbeat, drenched with funky bass lines, and a sort of progression that reminds me of the 90's British alternative movement. But there are also those moments where I feel like I'm an early INXS show when the band was still testing the waters of Pop versus New Wave.

Sun Gods will bring out a sense of middle eastern culture. It's a much more guitar heavy track, with hints of thereminesque whistles that fall somewhere between a 50's Sci-Fi movie and early Marilyn Manson... something of a soundtrack to your own personal nightmare.

On track four, Galaxy Machine brings things back up with a much more funk driven direction called What You Need, much more reminiscent of track two, as if they are going to take us on a journey of ups and downs if the CD were a full length release.

What impresses me is that while grabbing onto so many different influences, Galaxy Machine is able to wrap it all up into one solid sound. While all four songs have a very distinct identity on their own, their individual characterstics build a whole sound on this release that is recognizable as the bands own style. This is definitely a release that needs to engulf your ears either through headphones or a solid ten on your volume knob. - Pacific Northwest Music Scene /webzine on myspace

"I like your sound a lot"

I totally enjoyed seeing you guys on Sunday. I like your sound a lot. I'm going to try and catch you on 4/20 @ The Spot, and I promise not to be so tired.... - Tattooed Goddess

"WOW what a freakin show"

WOW what a freakin show! I didnt stop dancing the whole time the Galaxy Machine was on. Except when they stopped!!! Dennis Pluckin. Mark Tappin. Michael Rockin. and Van Rollin. Studio 7 will never be the same. Long live the Galaxy Machine! - Rob da Barber

""Burning Throne" Nominated by Toronto Exclusive online Magazine for Best International Rock song"

"Burning Throne" the first song from our Debut EP "Ancient Future" was Nominated by the 2007 Toronto Exclusive online magazine Music Awards for Best International Rock song. - Toronto Exclusive


New CD coming this Summer - 2009
"Ancient Future" EP- 2007
"Sun Gods" CD Single - 2006
"Best of" Comp CD - 2006
"Hope: Love Is The Answer" Comp CD - 2006



Formed in Seattle in May of 2005, this multi-media circus of psychedlic electro funkin grooviness
was the brainchild of a new pioneer of the Seattle music scene - Producer and Lead Singer Van Brown.
He recruited some of the best musicians in the Seattle area to create a new sound that would signal a call for
unity. Something that would be familiar to everyone, yet sound like nothing you have ever heard before. The Galaxy
Machine style is one that spans many genres. Some have described their music as High Energy Psychedelic Funk Rock and Roll.
The band's first big break came in 2006 when Grammy-award-winning producer Steve Zuckerman chose their song "Sun Gods" for
a CD created to raise funds for breast cancer research -"Hope: Love Is The Answer". One of the foundations benefiting from
the project is The Garland Appeal, set up as a memorial to Linda McCartney and supported by Sir Paul McCartney. Other
artists on the CD compilation include Richie Havens, Christopher Cross and Robert Fripp.
"Burning Throne", the first song from the band's debut EP "Ancient Future", was nominated by the 2007
Toronto Exclusive Music Awards for "Best International Rock Song".
Using multi-media Van Brown was able to bring the vision to the screen when he produced the bands Debut Music Video
“GIVE”, released on the web in Dec. of 2008 . He has worked closely with all kinds of other talented artists and performers, such
as internationally recognized visual artist Roman Villagrana, who created the cover art for the bands Debut EP “Ancient Future”.
The Galaxy Machine is a project that is on a mission to inspire the young and to remind the old that the spirit of innovation
still rules over all creation. When all people of all nations recognize the benefit that comes from working together to making
our world better for all it’s inhabitants then we shall have justice and peace on Earth. This is the philosophy of the Galaxy
Machine. This music interfaces universal appeal with the levity of inspiration. like songs from the past and visions of the
future, they time travel through the mind to reach a common ground and find a new balance. With the spirit of
dance, inter-dimensional sound and vision, the music, either live or on your IPod, takes the listener on an
adventure beyond this world into the land of the imagination, where inspiration is the fuel. It is an
experience that is like no other - you can feel the music calling you to move.