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The best kept secret in music


"The Gamits "Antidote""

Upon arrival, this album faced the biggest challenge: to entertain me at work. I tend to be a lot more critical at work, so if the music annoys me, thats it out it goes. However, to my surprise, the disc spent the whole afternoon in my player, and dammit all if I wasnt more efficient that day.

This Denver, Colorado trio has produced a fine album jam-packed full of power pop tunes, enjoyable from beginning to end. Chris Fogal, the only founding member to remain, delivers high-quality vocals and strong guitar. Joining him are the newest members, Scott Swarers (vocals and bass) and Jason Walker (drums). To date, their biggest claims to fame have been their Italian release, Rose Harbor Anthems and Japanese release, Leaps and Bounds.

Primary songwriter, Chris Fogal, has a definite gift for writing contagious pop songs with truly heart-felt lyrics, which is what finally did me in. The true appreciation comes from such examples as You are the smoking gun and the wound that kills all at once/ Your heart weighs a ton/ I see right through your smile/ You wear it like I wear a tie/ But I know whats inside from Bloodstains/ Picture Frames. Fogal guides you through a journey rather than just take you for a spin on the carousel. Sure, the carousel is fun, but too much will make you want to vomit.

Some might prefer the more driving rhythms of Dotted Lines, Curious Vanessa Black, Born and Raised Afraid or Like White Noise. There is something for everyone here. Then there is the always catchy How to Escape with its solid beats and pleasing harmonies, sure to be a radio favorite. I tend to find myself coming back to Open Window, Golden Sometimes (which reminds me of the Beach Boys sun-drenched harmonies), and Bridges. Bridges provides a perfect album closer with softer melodies, acoustic guitar and a cello appearance.

While these guys may not be the most original thing on the market, they arent trying to come up with ways to fit Next-door Ned and his stylings on the toaster into their set just yet. Instead theyve chosen to learn from reliable influences such as the Beatles and Beach Boys, and focus on creating well-crafted punk-influenced songs with meaningful lyrics.

Antidote displays a solid selection of songs, slightly Weezer-esque at times, that are of good quality and just downright fun to listen to. Ill be taking this disc along with me on my road trip in a couple weeks. I cant get these songs out of my head!

-Lisa Town

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Suburban Home Records

First let me say that 'Asking for a Beating' is the best song written by Pinhead Circus. What does this have to do with the Gamits you may be asking? As some of you may or may not know Mr. Fogal of the Gamits once graced the Circus with his fine brand of shredage and complimented (on the original 7" version, not the "Far Gone" LP) the song nicely. So here we are years later and a few Gamits albums deeper with the release of the superb 'Antidote'. Although the album still maintains The Gamits home brewed elixir of sweet guitar melodies, gut wrenching and tear jerking vocal melodies, catalyzed by a solid rhythm section, what really stands out here is mister Fogal's meticulous song writing and attention to detail easily making this their best record to date. The album is engineered and produced by the amazing Vanleuven and Fogal team at the ever-growing 8 Houses Down Studios in Colorado. One standout track for me is the very 'Dear You' era Jawbreaker inspired (or so it would seem to me) 'Golden Somtimes' containing just the right combination of 'Gamits styled' vocal harmonies, oooing and ahhing with a driving melody that will make easy for any pop punk to sing along to while sulking in their room staring at the black light hanging in the corner. Jokes aside, this album is fun and had me tapping my toe and putting this disc on repeat. As usual, I encourage you all to not pay any particular attention to what I have to say and just buy the album and find out for yourself.

By Jason Andrade -


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