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"Zaza - The Gandhis"

Dublin outfit The Gandhis are currently topping the charts round way with this number. Describing their sound as what would result “if Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney had kids who were adopted by James Brown”, they should be ones to watch as the year progresses. Get it at: - Hot Press

"Zaza - The Gandhis"

The Gandhis release their début single Zaza as a download on 8th Feb with a launch night in Radio City on the same day. A band whom allegedly don't subscribe to trends or images, one finds this wanton untrendy illusion quite an appetiser for a band who are sure to draw attention in the coming year.

And so it's time for some peaceful civil disobedience... Innovation is always the key to making a mark, and their quirky jazz-infused liltfull rock leaves one with the impression that they can and will do just that. Independent music inspired by all from The Beatles to The Buzzcocks, their music is quite instantly catchy in melody, yet is voyeuristic in delivery, with instrumentation as diverse as to include the banjo, the trumpet and the ukulele to fill out their sound. This is music which is right up entertainment street for one looking for, well, let's put it as a turn for the better. Zaza can be found out on their myspace page and website along with Guy Like Me, a promo demo which has already earned them significant airplay, a track which is quite a different kettle of soup, with the euphoria of The Beta Band on quite an overwhelming ration of deleriously happy peace burdened shrooms.
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- Frequency Ireland

"Zaza - The Gandhis"

Blimey, is February 8th "New single Friday" or something? This is my second in a row!
I shall cut to the chase and right off the bat, I quite like The Ghandis. Although not my usual cup of Earl Grey, thats for sure, but their unrefined, individual style is more than a bit infectious. Hailing from Dublin, this four-piece join up a few musical flavours that end up in an ecclectic mix of bits of jazz guitar, funkyness, acoustic indie and even a very slight pinch of ska. The single, 'ZaZa', has taken me a few listens but the wait to 'get it' was worthwhile. It bounces along at fair old lick in a vibe thats not a kick-in-the-pants off the aforementioned ska and it all combines to draw you in and infect you with its jaunty freshness. It starts quite meekly but, as it gains confidence and most evidently, when the lead vocals (its not clear exactly who is providing them, as the whole band are credited with a share of 'vocals') open up a bit and let rip, its a little belter of a tune. What I like the most is that this song succeeds on its own merits, here is a hooky, upbeat and original tune,which doesn't rely on trying try to be, or sound like anyone else or fit into any other bands pocket - and it works. An original formula that will warm most punters hearts I'm sure.
Sure, being pedantic, there's a little roughness around the edges of the recording and the meter and compared to some of the other single releases I've heard today, the production has a quite 'home-made' feel, but I don't think the song suffers for that, in fact it adds to the warm, quirky charm if you ask me.
After two listens, I'm sure I will be remembering the hook on this song far longer than some of the other, more expensive sounding, releases on the same day. Original, catchy and fun.
Review by Drumhead
RANK: ***** 5 out of of 6

"Zaza - The Gandhis"

It's not often that someone gets a song written about them and then also appears on the cover. Zaza is a lucky lady and The Gandhis have given her something to be proud of.
Dublin based, The Gandhis formed in 2004. “Zaza” is their debut single. It's an upbeat track, moulding their brand of pop quirkiness. Poppy but yet showing influences of ska and reggae 'Zaza' has a quite simple chorus melody but one that will get in your head and stay there all day.
Stick some headphones on and Zaza has a great live feel, something quite refreshing in this age of over processing.
Its a good first offering from The Gandhis, who've already cut their live teeth playing with acts as Electric Six, The Levellers and Republic of Loose. In a depressing January its nice to have something so upbeat.
If this is the start for The Gandhis, 2008 should be a great year


Singles; Zaza. Released as download on February 8th 2007. Available from and iTunes.



The Gandhis have been developing their own unique style of pop quirkiness from their Lucan base since forming in 2004. Writing and singing duties are shared between all four members, Niall Cullen( Bass), Conor Deasy (Guitar), Aidan McKelvey (Guitar) and Bazz O’Reilly (Drums). Inspired by their shared love of all things pop, from the Beatles to the Buzzcocks, James Brown to Roy Orbison, the Clash to the Coral, they have created a sound simultaneously original and familiar.

The band recorded an early demo with Steve Shannon (Halfset, Jeff Martin) which received some airplay on Phantom fm, Anna Livia fm and Limerick Live fm, as well as the video being shown regularly on Channel 6’s Nightshift program.

Over the last two years The Gandhis have cut their teeth on the national live circuit, playing support to touring acts like Electric Six, The Levellers and Hugo Race, (a founding member of the Bad Seeds) as well as home-grown talent such as Republic of Loose, Paddy Casey, Mundy, Declan O’Rourke, Fight Like Apes, Crayonsmith, Cowboy X and Television Room.

In Autumn 2007 the band teamed up with Producer Andrew Knightly (66e, Sinead O' Connor, Damien Dempsey, Bell X1) to record their debut single “Zaza”. The single was released as a download only in February 2008 with a sold out launch night in Radio City Dublin, followed by a short nationwide tour. The single reached number one in Irelands chart and the NewScene Radio chart in the first week of its release. It recieved excellent reviews and considerable airplay around the country.

The Gandhis are currently working in the studio with Colm Querney "Q", and plan to release a single in September with an album to follow in the new year.

"ones to watch as the year progresses" Hot Press.

"a band who are sure to draw attention in the coming year" Frequency Ireland.

"If this is the start for The Gandhis, 2008 should be a great year"

"a hooky, upbeat and original tune,which doesn't rely on trying try to be, or sound like anyone else" Music