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FLIGHT 93 (9/11)

Written By: Thomas W. Cornfield

Flight 93 (9/11)
By: Thomas W. Cornfield

Where were you when the Twin Towers fell.
The Pentagon wall as well
Or in Newark Jersey
When Passengers were boarding Flight 93

1. It was 9 o’clock in Newark Jersey

Passengers were boarding Flight 93

And all 45 including the crew

Were headed for Frisco and nobody new.

Outside of Ohio The plane changed it’s course

Elide tarots took the plane by force

They herded the people to the back of the plane

They were goanna commit murder in old Ale’s name.

( C )

When the Twin Towers fell. The Pentagon walls as well

These men stopped the insanity.

They raced to the cockpit and laved their lives down

Knowing what was to be.

2. Tom Bennet on a cell was talking with his wife

When he heard what had happened to 3 other flights

While talking to Bingham,Nackey,and Peterson too

The all knew what they had to do.

(c )

They all decided what must be done

The Passenger and crew acted as one

God only know many they saved by that deed

Over Shank Ville Pennsylvania came the end of flight 93
Lets Roll (c )

These Mens we call heros in the land of liberty

Can you please tell me what were their names

I knew them all once but that was long aqgo

To forget them I must bare the shame

( c)

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