The Garden Party

The Garden Party


A band made up of a brother, sister, a childhood friend met whilst their parents took ballroom dancing lessons, and a former semi-professional-wrestler-turned-drummer, The Garden Party is a nice band of respectable youths who will buy you a candy bar for appearing in their inventive music videos.


The Garden Party mixes traditional rock and roll instrumentation with ukuleles, autoharp, flutes, and music boxes, to create a sound that is anything but run of-the-mill. Their latest record "Pointed at the Sky" is a sort of song-cycle that ruminates on the themes of love, poverty, and death. .............


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"Pointed at the Sky" record released early 2005. Singles include: The Man You Broke, I'm a Dog (the Anthropology Song), Cut Yer Hair, and I Blamed It on My Manhood. The new not yet released single Caught Making Out has gotten some eager airplay on a talk show station in Detroit, Mi.

Set List

Original Songs include: The Man You Broke, I'm a Dog (the Anthropology Song), Robots in Love, I Blamed It on My Manhood, Dress You Up (not yet released), Caught Making Out (not yet released), Cut Yer Hair, You've Got My Money

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