The Gardes

The Gardes


The music attempts to deal with all themes of life, sung in different voices. The musicians are eclectic and prone to switch instruments and cross genres. They are prolific songwriters, known around parts of the U.S. underground. The songs are often so catchy they feel familiar yet new.


The Gardes is a band of multi-instrumentalists hailing from Oklahoma. The group was named in late 2002 with the limited edition release of Legends of Voddville, on its own fledgling record label. Both the group and the label were founded by Brett Horton, and they have released several ltd. edition albums and have produced a movie and its sound-track. There has been a changing roster of musical friends since its beginning, yet Aaron Siemers joined as a chief collaborator and mainstay soon after its conception. 2006 saw the addition of Tanner Blair and Jim Gorton. This latest incarnation self-produced an E.P. and recorded an album (self-titled) with Trent Bell, of the Chainsaw Kittens, in his studio in Norman. They've toured the region extensively, members have performed coast to coast, and they're currently seeking the support of a coastal-based record label for future releases, touring and possible reissues of the back catalogue. The group is a fixture on the burgeoning Oklahoma music scene along with bands such as the Evangelicals, Colourmusic, Starlight Mints, Ghost of Monkshood, Kunek (now called Other Lives), etc. NonCast Media of Oklahoma City named them the Best of 2007, and songs from their latest album have been played on various outlets such as Soma FM from San Francisco and the BBC. The Gardes are looking to expand horizons.


She Comes

Written By: Horton/Siemers

she comes giving me my love back
says I don't have to pack and go
you know?
I keep looking on down the track
think, 'do I have to make tracks and blow this joint?'
Well, I don't know
she comes giving me my love back
feels like a heart attack
I'll live
Give back what's mine
What if it's all an act?
What if we are in act one?
Who knows?
Let's just have fun!

Pure is her allure
her allure is pure
info never leaks
silent sofa freaks
Here we are at it again!
Soulful reeks of love
I'm telling her that I'm in
back to the middle of-
one time
you looked over your shoulder
she couldn't care less and less
unless... unless you told her
that she was going, too
just say, 'give me my love back"
right now

Jackson Carter's Log

Written By: Horton/Siemers

Sitting in a booth in Prague drinking lager, filling it out in Jackson Carter's log... What is he writing there?
What is he thinking?
Well, I don't know, why don't you ask him?
Sitting in a booth in Prague drinking lager, filling it out in Jackson Carter's log... Spilling your heart to random strangers, and it's so familiar you just know... yeah

Holiday comes you find yourself alone
Holiday comes you find you're far from home...

sitting in a booth in Prague drinking lager...

Look at all the adventures that you find... Why would anyone ever leave it behind?
Learning yourself a foreign tongue...
You'll get the message later while your phone is rung... yeah

Holiday comes you find yourself

The Reason

Written By: Siemers

No, I don't know what the reason could be, for some reason someone's got it in for me
wants to set me up in this swank hotel
then leave me stranded with the bill
but don't let that old lady cut my thread
so I can keep up my act of just playing dead
waltz around with this song rolling through my head
trying to remember every word I said

No I don't know why, does anybody know? Heard a preacher preaching on the radio. He's reading from the book of Revelations that everyone should send fifty dollars in. He's talking 'bout these last days we're in... no, I don't know.

Don't know what the reason could be
so I just went on a spending spree
I got a new car, new house, new clothes, new hat
but anytime they could just take it all back
But don't let that old lady cut my thread
I'm far too busy just to fall over dead
With a to-do list with nothing on it in my head
I guess I'll do something else instead

No, I don't know why does anybody know? I saw a man talking on a TV show
He's saying that it's all far too complex
It must be because of some intelligence
But he just left me wondering where it all went-
no, I don't know

I don't know what the reason could be so I signed up for scientific inquiry
But it was one of those double-blind tests so no one knows what's gonna happen next
But I keep asking her not to cut my thread
I'm far too intelligent just to end up dead
But she don't seem to care about the books I've read or all these heady thoughts rolling through my head

No, I don't know what the reason could be
Is it all just a right-wing conspiracy?
Does someone really have it in for me or am I just living in a fantasy?
I'll try and not take it all so personally
No, I don't know

Hands Keep Running Around

Written By: Horton

Seems like I've been moving so fast
that I keep coming in last
Seems like I've been moving so quick
that I keep showing up sick
I know that I should slow down
But hands keep running around
I wish only I could get to you
Just answer my call for you
But you keep on running
and it keeps on running
oh no

Seems like I've been moving solo
Now I can pick where I'll go
Scenes are always in a hectic way
that I can't say yes-terday
I would only be by your side
No, endless nights I have tried
I become one of those nervous wrecks
Don't know what to say next
but you keep on running
the hands keep running
Hands keep running around

Drop the Baggage, Keep the Goods

Written By: Brett Horton

Words exploding in my face- I've been trying hard to keep an easy rhythm, trying hard to keep an even pace
Put an effort to avoid the apathy 'fore it all goes up and blows up to a catastrophe

Drop the baggage, keep the goods!
Don't you know that you should?

Come on come on come on

Debt collector, city inspector, heart infector, good time connector
I could never explain to you my entire world view, but who need me to?

Drop the baggage, keep the goods

You're breaking me here!
I need you to come back to Earth if you do get near

Once I thought I had it all
then I saw that I was wrong
so wrong
I had too much
I had too much

Drop the baggage, keep the goods
Don't you know that you should?
I know that you should


The Gardes- (self-titled, b & w released 2007, color version released 2008, self-produced, recorded at Bell Lab)
The Gardes In Their 1st Full-Length EP (released 2007, self-produced, released at Momentum 2007)
Songs have received airplay on Noncast Radio, OKC, KSPI, Stillwater, OK, Indy Pop Rocks, Soma FM, San Francisco, Introducing... w/ Tom Robinson, BBC, Eng, etc.
There have been limited edition releases as the Gardes since 2002, including Legends Of Voddville, O My Garde!, Regardeless 1 and Regardeless Dos.

Set List

The typical show set list is around 12 songs, although the band has played 3 sets or more in a show. The song list continually rotates, yet the following are some regulars:
1. She Comes
2. Jackson Carter's Log
3. Drop the Baggage, Keep the Goods
4. Insect Love
5. The Reason
6. Pyromania Is For Lovers
7. It's On Time
8. Hands Keep Running Around
9. I'm New To You
10. Maybe You Don't Know
11. Hey Hey (Ain't Yet Dead and Gone)
12. Stay Close to Your Roots