the gardis

the gardis


We are 3 pieces band that play a mix of a funky rock & pop.About ours influences,I can say:STONES,BEATLES,J.BROWN,all the black rock'n'roll from the 60`s,and,no doubt about it,all blues from R.Jhonson to B.B. King


We start to play 5 years ago, just instrumental music,so funky + blues,little by little Gardi begin to sing a few songs,and later we had enough numbers with vocals,and now is the 99 % of the songs.We love to play live,we are like a jazz band playng rock,we have,all thoses black music influences from the 60's & 70's

Set List

We start with some instrumental blussy groove,after some faster blues,funky jaming songs,a Bob Didley groove too,a couple of rocks and in the end we see,maybe a powerfull instrumental or more rock'n'roll