The Garlics

The Garlics

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

This young musicians have already displayed great maturity and potential for international success thanks to their talent and growing composing skills. This band is a fantastic discovery and will surely be followed by many for their melodic hooks and their spectacular stage presence.


For years, William and Olivier had been devoting much of their days to music with nothing to show for it. Frustrated by the lack of ambition in their ex-bandmates, they finally struck gold with May. Jean-Frédéric, who was experiencing much the same disappointment in his life, came on board without a second thought. The two new
members added ambition and determination to the mix. United at last, the four cloves were ready for glory.

These young musicians—all 18 years old—are exceptional for
their maturity, talent as composers, and potential for a breakthrough on an international scale.

The Garlics have already been heard on such Internet radio stations as Los Angeles’s Sonic Sedition and New York’s Jango, and for these young musical devotees, that’s only a start. They’ve also played major shows and festivals, such as the Relève de Thetford Mines in Québec on August 22, 2010, where they ignited the stage.

After winning second place out of 60 bands in the “Exposure Live” contest at Club Soda in Montreal in January 2009, the Garlics have had a habit of surprising and thrilling everyone who hears them.

Astonishingly, the group formed only five weeks before the contest. Since that time, the Garlics have continued to enthral listeners
with compositions of a calibre rarely seen at the hands of ones so young—songs that would make many a more seasoned musician blush.

The year after, the group gave another explosive performance at Club Soda at the LME Battle of the Bands 2010, where they came in third.

The Garlics are made up of singer May L’Archevêque-Wells, guitarist Olivier (Oli) Mimeault, bassist William (Will) Gendron-Saulnier and drummer Jean-Frédéric (Jeff) Lamothe. Together. the four form a winning combination and an energetic and inspired foursome.

Each a multi-instrumentalist, these young Québeckers play guitar, bass, drums, violin, recorder, trombone and keyboard. Free of complexes, the Garlics sing and compose in English. For their catchy melodies and astonishing live performances, the Garlics are a definite find.

Here's some numbers:

Extremely talented, the members of the Garlics are remarkable for their dizzying ascent and the way they’ve won their fans’ hearts:

• They’ve ranked in the top 5 for nearly a year now on

• After five weeks on, they’ve already been flagged by 1000 fans.

• Over 3000 people have left comments on their Jango page.

• They now have over 16,000 fans on

• Near 60,000 plays on Jango.

• Their MySpace page has had over 25,000 visits.

• "Without You" is now on Musique Plus channel (french version of Much Music)


The Garlics - Album (2010)

1. Without You
2. Goodbye
3. Blame It All On You
4. Dream
5. Going Down
6. Feel Alive
7. You Don't Care
8. Still the Same
9. Into Me
10. Sting of A Dart
11. Youth

+ DVD with our 2 videoclips (Goodbye and Without You)