The Garuda Commute

The Garuda Commute


Named after the mythical God Of Birds and the Indonesian National Airline, Garuda Commute formed in early 2007.


Part blunt and grunting troll, part sweet scented siren, Garuda Commute is a two headed beast that beguiles you with subtle whispers and mellifluous melodies then cracks you upside the head with a dryslap of epic proportions.

Unafraid to mix behemouth riffs, soaring vocals, Bunyanesque rhythms with bold, quixotic key driven instrumentals, Garuda Commute will take you for dinner and make you pay for it. Garuda Commute will tell you it loves you and then post naked pictures of you on the internet. Garuda Commute will make you sleep on the sofa - confused, lacking dignity, in need of a shower and begging for some more of that sweet, sweet rough stuff.

Balancing relentless riffs, bass-lines and beats with classical keys, trumpets and soul-twinged soaring vocals, Garuda Commute’s “fiery dynamics” (Virtual Festivals) and their “QOTSA Epic freak outs KKKK” (Kerrang) are getting them increased attention and support with every gig.

Set List

Curse This Day
Ichigo Ichi
My Latest Thing
Get Thick Get Numb
No Show
Take It
And Another Falls