The Gate 5

The Gate 5


American low-fi rock and roll.


Bucking Boston's prevailing power-pop-punk trends in the late ’90s, singing guitarists Ace Vinal and Brendan Zellmer devoted themselves to '60s-influenced Ameri-drug pop and downtown east coast country. The duo's recruit among their regular team of musicians on call and release about an album a year. A Fine first album (originally self- released on CD) would have been just another skillful neo-Velvet retread were it not for the loose and simple harmonizing, a blend that at times may sound similar to the joyous sound of Allan Clarke and Graham Nash in the original Hollies.
Declining the temptations of blues based shoegazing, psychedelia and other trendy designs, The Gate 5 crank up their weird pop designs by exploring material floating around the internet. The Rummy EP is like a found object folk seminar without the self-conscious preciousness that usually comes with politically reactive music. Unnoticed within the online chatter and unplayed over radio(with the exception of WFMU of course), it may very well be the most successful attempt at melding a public figure voice and rock and roll.


The Rummy EP, Dramaphone USA, 2005
Skybaby to Frank, Dramaphone USA, 2004

Set List

Set list is 7-10 songs, thirty minutes or 45 minutes with jams if so required. Have played two hour sets. Covers are selective and different on each ocassion. Velvet Underground, Rolling Stones, and J. Cash have been covered.