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His name, Da General. Born General Keys on November 25, 1985 in New Orleans Louisiana. General was introduced to music by his mother Mrs. Patricia Hill and father Mr. Dennis Hill at the age of 5. It was recognized that he was talented as a singer, and drummer, so his parents honed that talent and allowed him the tools needed to perfect and express those gifts at a very young age. General began by singing along side his two sisters Paris and Denisia, at various churches and participated in numerous talent shows. By the age of 9 he was not only an accomplished drummer and vocalist for his local church but also began working professionally. He played for many bands and also acted as music director. General was self-taught in learning the piano as well as bass guitar. Music became an outlet through which he expressed not only happiness and joy, but also pain and heartache. After countless years of giving his talent to others for others General came to the realization that something was missing and there was so much more he could be expressing.

In June of 2005 at the age of 19 General stepped out on faith and relocated from New Orleans, Louisiana to Rochester, New York. Here is where he met and fell in love with Janice Velasquez. She was influential in showing and helping him recognize how gifted in music he was. She said to him "You could no longer deny the inevitable, you can no longer run from whom you really are". And who is General Keys? General Keys is Music. So they decided to return to Louisiana for musical equipment that had left behind. Tragically just one hour before arriving, his girlfriend, and also best friend Gilbert, whom also traveled with them, tragically had a car accident that claimed the lives of both Ms.Velazquez and Gilbert as well. General climbed out of the wreckage miraculously without a single scratch, physically but uses music to heal the scars that that day left emotionally. General was quoted as saying, "July 28,2005 may have been a tragic event in my life, but I understand that nothing happens without reason and I must continue to move forward." "Because of their support of my self and my music I will not allow there passing to be in vein. Nor will I allow my life to be, so the journey will continue. Just as he thought there might get some reprieve, while back home in New Orleans, the famous Ms. Hurricane Katrina came to visit and simply put he lost it all again. Da general has survived the worst, twice so he knows the music must continue.

General is currently living in California, where he is promoting his demo entitled Beautiful Muzic, in which he produced, wrote, and arraigned. The first track is entitled Hold it down, where he speaks of his experiences growing up with the church and then dealing with the hypocrisies that he encountered. Those experiences caused him to stray from the church, just to later realize that he fully understands what it is he is here for regardless of outward appearances. I came to hold it down just for the lord. The second track is entitled One more day. Which talks about the car wreck and expresses his love for those he lost and how he turned to God for guidance and strength in the midst of the storm. And the third is entitled God made U for me. Which speaks of the romantic beginnings of a young couple.

When asked what music means to him and how he describes his sound General responded by stating. "I will not give up until this dream I have is realized. My life was spared so that I may share my experiences and my faith. And because of that knowing I am certain that my music will not just be something that is herd. It is something that will be felt. It will touch hearts and it will change minds. Regardless of race gender background or age. My music will transcend all boundaries and it will know no limitations. I am not gospel, nor am I r&b. So how would you describe my sound? Simply my sound is Music. This journey of music has impacted my life and heart on all levels. I know it will have the same if not greater effect on others, as well as the music industry in a major way. Just as my influences impacted me, such as Music Soul Child, Floetry, Erika Badu, Anthony Hamilton, and Mary Mary to name a few. And like my influences I intend to capture not just the ear of the listener, but the heart, soul, and mind as well. I want to share all of my self and all of my faith. I will do something unprecedented. I have not forgotten my purpose, and why I was created, and that is what I feel sets me apart. My sound is unique, my inspiration is life, and my passion is to share my truth with all who will listen, and who will be open to feel My Beautiful Muzic."

Anyone who has been in his presence and who has felt the sincerity in his music would say yes he has lost but in the midst of the storm he gained a phenomenal soundtrack, to a life that he is more than eager, and prepared to express and share with the world.