The Generals

The Generals


Alternative epic melodic synth rock.


About The Generals
Founding members Matt Sertich and Kirk Janowiak had been playing live together since 1993 in the form of bands such as Pocket Change (CA) and Zero To Heaven. It was not until after the demise of Zero To Heaven in the summer of 2005 that Matt and Kirk decided to regroup and give birth to The Generals named after a song title by one of their influences The Damned. For the first 6 or 7 months The Generals were just a studio project which consisted of early recording and song preparation done in Kirks kitchen on his synthesizer and computer. Recorded keyboard and temporary drum tracks were then taken to a bigger more capable studio where Matt would lay down his vocals, guitar, piano, and Kirk would lay down the live drum tracks. This early recording was a 5 song CD titled 'Trains' demo.
In order to perform live, The Generals felt they needed a bass player. After posting an ad on Craigslist, The Generals found themselves a bass player in the form of Blane Barker. Fresh out of music school in LA., Blane completed The Generals line up to this point.

With the full line up now in place The Generals played their first gig on September 11th 2006 at The Press Club in Sacramento CA. This line up would then continue on performing through out California, Washington, and Oregon for the next couple of years. The Generals also recorded and released their first official release titled 'Save Me' on their own label Generals Music Limited.

Toward the end of the summer in 2008 Blane had parted ways with The Generals and relocated to Los Angeles joining up with alternative rock band The Paper Dolls. Matt and Kirk had decided to carry on as a 2 piece band rather than find a replacement for Blane. The Generals then proceded to write more material prompting the duo to enter the studio again to work with Joe Johnston (Deftones, Cake). This time the result was a full length CD. The Generals are set to release their first full length which has already been started to receive very positive feedback as the Sacramento News and Review states -"With such carefully planned instrumentation, a tendency toward climaxing at the appropriate time and a sweet voice that bends toward theatrical, beauty is easily achieved. On top of all that, there’s the cosmic, space aspect, which makes this CD easily one of the best out of Sacramento for the year."

The Generals are also an outstanding pop group nominee at the 2009 Sammies Music Awards.


'Trains'- 5 song demo CD
'Save Me'- 6 song CD
'The Generals'- 13 song full length CD

Set List

Typical set list runs anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes.

Song listing: Alive, Don't Leave, Save Me, Melody Maker, Trains, Sing For Sorrow, Just Because, I Found You, Eli, Goodmorning, Sunshine, Gardens and Landscapes, History Repeats, All These Years, Chase The Night, Eno, **Eleanor Rigby (Cover Song). We usually only do one set per gig.