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The Generators

Oelde, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Oelde, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Band Alternative Punk


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"Under the Volcano"

The Generators "Excess, Betrayal… And Our Dearly Departed" (Fiend Music, POB 41470, Los Angeles, CA 90041). Originally a 2003 European-only release and unavailable in North America until now, Excess, Betrayal… has been revamped, remastered, and enhanced with five bonus tracks and a video clip. I've been an enthusiastic fan of The Generators since day one, so I'm understandably thrilled beyond belief to be reviewing their latest action-packed audio wonder. The sound has definitely matured in a contemplative, world-weary kind of way, and the thought-provoking lyrical content is both reflective and blatantly cutting. Each song is precisely crafted with the utmost of skill and pride, masterfully blending the infectious harmonics of Melodicore Punk with the frantic fury of straight-up, swaggering Rock 'n' Roll (as if Bad Religion and Social Distortion were twins separated at birth). "New Disease", "Crawling On Top", and "Here I Go" are just three of the stand-out tracks that hit me hard in the gut, causing my knees to buckle and the floor to part beneath me. The Generators are obviously still in top form, and I can only hope they keep belting out the tunes until I'm a deaf old man lying on my death bed. (CD)- Roger Moser, Jr.

- Roger Moser, Jr.

"Flex Your Head"

Ironic that this band should be deemed The Generators since it reminds me a hell of a lot of Bad Religion right around their (wait for it) Generator album. Actually, maybe it's not irony, just a clever choice of names. Originally released in 2003 on Germany's People Like You Records, this strong album is finally finding a release in North America. Honestly, this could have been put out in 1993, not 2003, and no one would have known the difference; it recalls the days when bands like Pegboy, Naked Raygun, and the aforementioned BR took melodic punk, roughed it up a little, and came out the other end of the wind tunnel with something inspirational and hum-worthy. Jesus, a quick aside here; I just watched the included enhanced video and The Generators' singer looks like the cloned mix of Greg Graffin and the dude from Pennywise. Eerie. Well, luckily rest of the band doesn't look like anything like Bad Religion, so we're safe there. Fans of melodic, chunky punk rock just stumbled upon their new favorite band. Find it. - Jason Schreurs

"New Record: Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea"

"A Paradox: First off getting the new GENERATORS album "Between the Devil.." out met some challenges due to financial reasons with their distributor SPV so far that a cooperation with PLY and Concrete Jungle Records would be the only solution just to get the record out on time for tour; meanwhile worldwide tons of trash is being thrown out into the music market like never before. The music industry crisis has dealt a big blow to many; yet it always seems to hit the wrong people. And what leaves me really baffled is why there's no label in the US willing to put out the record despite 12 years of fantastic albums [without exception!] has demonstrated hit songwriting, offering for me the best that punk rock has to offer today. The long awaited 7th album "Between the Devil..." is no exception either, THE GENERATORS have become that much smoother, and it works well with them which is part of their development which began in 1997 with "Welcome to..." [very melodic street punk] and which has now reached it's peak: perfect west coast punk rock that clearly leaves the often-compared BAD RELIGION way far behind, so far as songwriting and emotion goes. At most perhaps Mike Ness - with the new SOCIAL DISTORTION release - could top this. By the way, their former drummer Derek O'BrienMommy's Little Monster" is now the new GENERATORS drummer." - Ox-Magazine

"Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea"

Who here said Bad Religion? Sure The Generators may sound similar but they're excellent nevertheless. With "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" the men around Doug Dagger (former singer of the famous Schleprock) have a new album on start, that altogether fulfills high expectations. Because they keep on playing such wonderful melodic straight-forward amazing punk rock that only American men around 40 can play. [That sentence for example just sounds stupid!!] Well yeah, something like that. But seriously: what matters are the songs. And for example with "The Devil's Lament" or "Smoke & Mirrors" the Californians - with new drummer Derek O'Brien (earlier by Social D and Adolescents) - have again written very good songs. Immediately catchy, immediately likable, immediately able to identify as hits. And on top of that "Somewhere In The Rain" is a beautiful acoustic balled. So don't forget the fireworks when The Generators are here again on tour. Please don't pass it up - Pop Frontal Magazine

"Between the....."

The strong 12 track album "Between the Devil.." is catchy as hell. "Sound of the Alarms" and "Day Of Reckoning" are only a couple of the excellent songs that you won't get out of your head, but also the 10 other songs are very good and have hit-potential. "Southern Nights" is also the kind of song that I can see along to when listening to the record. Even if all the songs come across in an old punkrock manner, the record never gets boring is not that fully different than "The Great Divide" although you can clearly hear differences. Maybe the fresh new sound is due to the recruitment of former Social D drummer Derek O'Brien. - Waste Of Mind


Welcome To The End - 1998 - Triple XXX Records- USA
/People Like You- Germany
Ninety Nine - E.P. - 1999 - Outcast Records- Germany
Burning Ambition - 2000 - People Like You - Germany- Cool Guy - USA
Tyranny - 2002 - TKO Records - USA/People like You - Germany
From Rust To Ruin - 2003 TKO Records- USA
Excess, Betrayal & Our Dearly Departed -2003 People Like You - Germany/Fiend USA
Winter Of Discontent - 2005 People Like You - Germany/Sailors Grave USA
Great Divide - 2007 - People Like You - Germany
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea - 2009 - People Like You - Germany




The Generators! Yeah, from Los Angeles... You might have seen their records in a record store or maybe you have seen someone wearing a Generators T-shirt, or heard one of those urban legends floating around...

With all that said, they still might be a mystery to you, but that’s all right and that’s why we are here to fill in the gaps for you on the band that is saving Rock N Roll one song at a time. The Generators got started in the May of 1997,and by the Summer of 1997 they already had their first album ‘Welcome To The End” released with the L.A. based Triple XXX Records. They joined up with a long roster of bands like Social Distortion, Jane’s Addiction, Bo Didley, The Adolescents, and many more. The band early on barnstormed across the highways of the U.S.A. and Europe, spotlighting their action packed live show. They have opened up for everyone from Anthrax, to Stiff Little Fingers, Bad Religion, Sepultura, Tiger Army, Bow Wow Wow, The Dead Kennedys, Agnostic Front, and the list goes on and on. The Generators have had their music appear on various Television & Radio commercials for The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, The California Angels baseball team, The Corona Beer Company and in 2008 their song 30 Seconds was used for a 2 national TV commercial ads sponsoring The Grammy Awards which was viewed by over 17 million people. The bands music has also appeared on numerous Skateboarding, BMX, and Paintball videos. In the later part of 2008 another batch of their songs will be used for the 2008 independent film MEDITATE AND DESTROY- feature documentary on meditation teacher and author of Dharma Punx, Noah Levine.

The Generators have charted the American College radio charts, and continue to get played monthly on Independent radio stations, Internet radio as well as Satellite radio stations like XM & Sirus. The boys has been endorsed from numerous companies such as Lucky 13 Apparel, Dickies, Felon clothing, TUK Shoes, Electric, Draven, Tres Noir, Just Deadly, and the large list keeps growing

Over the course of 11 years the band has stayed truly dedicated to releasing quality, timeless recorded music, and videos so they can be heard and seen by as many people as possible. The goal and aim has always been to keep getting better, and better over time. In a little over a decade they have released 7 full – length albums, 2 EP’s, 1 split E.P. with mid west rockers Riverboat Gamblers, and appeared on scores of compilations

The list of achievements for The Generators keeps getting longer every year, and after a decade of playing it sometimes seems like they are just getting started. They always manage to stay in tune with their loyal fan base, as well as staying true to what they have always done, and that is producing quality underground Rock N Roll Punk music.