The Generic Lesbians

The Generic Lesbians


Electronic Dance Explosion. You'll laugh and have a good time while checking out these two guys. We've embraced the 21st century and shed the traditonal rock band and replaced it with keyboards and computers.


As with any band we set out to make a sound never heard before. When making music we like to keep the songs short and sweet keeping in mind an audience member wants to be kept on their feet and entertained.
Our influences are far reaching from Frank Sinatra to Alec Empire to Tupac, Nine Inch Nails, Britney Spears and Beyond.
We originally formed as a traditional rock and roll band many years ago. We had many member changes. We grew up and out of our teens. Decided the traditional root wasn't working for us. In the meantime more and more electronic acts have been emerging giving us way to follow this new 21st Century Rock and Roll dream.


Fifteen - M (2003)
Sortin' Out The Whites (2003)
Against All Novelties (2004)
Live from Ellington! (2005)
Can't Hold 'Em Down! (2007)
One Last Time Won't Be Forever (coming soon live, 2009)

Set List

We play anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes typically. The problem with a lot of electronic bands is that their stuff is all preprogrammed and they typcally do the same sets over and over. We like to keep it fresh and custom make the set for the show we're doing.
Songs you'll most likely hear are "The Big L", "The Recluse", "Purple Drank", "Martha Stewart", "Anthony King", "Wish They Could All Be Like Pennsylvania Girls", and others.
We typically stray away from covers. From time to time we do obscure covers from local bands from our area that have long since broken up. See: Nameless Fear (the first band of CKYs current bassist), Collapse Into Reason and Teratogen.