The Gene Wall Cole Band

The Gene Wall Cole Band

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Original acoustic/electric eclectic singer songwriter with unique instrumentation, love songs, dance songs, humorous and political lyrics. Imagine a musical Bill Maher meets Greg Brown, Chris Issacs and Ravi Shankar with a touch of Stevie Winwood thrown in for good measure.


Gene Wall Cole is a most amazing and eclectic fellow. Known as a visionary thinker, an author, a composer, performer and musician extraordinaire who has always followed the beat of his own drum. In short, he is a true 21st Century Renaissance man and has been aptly described as an alchemist of sound.
He has traveled extensively on an unbelievable journey to fulfill his destiny--
Born into a family where everyone played numerous instruments, Gene's life began to widen when a friend built and gave him a one-of-a kind 14 stringed instrument. The instrument, which sounds like the cross between a dulcimer, sitar, and harp, accompanied Gene as he began a performing career at fiddle festivals and fairs. By the late 70s, his music and reputation had carried him to Nashville where he recorded or performed with the likes of B.B. King, Neil Young, John McLaughlin, Papa John Creach and Freddie Hubbard , to name but a few.
Gene's first real break came by accident (if you believe in such things), when he was at the right place at the right time and played harmonica on a session for Elvis Presley's bass player, Norbert Putnam. “I just happened to have the right harmonica in my pocket.” Later that night, it was Norbert who nicknamed his one-of-a-kind instrument a “Dulsitar, ” while Gene jammed with Dan Fogleburg and Cat Stevens, who had just happened by the studio that night. Months later after recording “The Dulsitar’ on a Jessie Colter album, husband Waylon Jenning's invited Gene to join The Waylors, and he got his first taste of the limousine/ lear jet circuit. “I vividly remember my first ride in a lear as it was the same day I met Waylon. He had sent his jet from Texas to Nashville to pick me up, and when I got on board, there was Hank Williams Jr. who just happened to be hitching a ride down to celebrate Waylon's 40th birthday that was planned for that same evening.”
The next leg of Gene's journey carried him a thousand miles with his duo, The Gypsies to give a command performance for His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, during his first trip to the western world. This performance inspired the Dalai Lama to not only bestow the rare silk scarf blessing, but to exclaim afterwards that the music from the Dulsitar was “the first meeting between East and West “ and predicted “it will heal many people.”
Gene's life continued to whirl in a virtual tornado of events--the theft and subsequent mysterious return of his beloved Dulsitar (which resulted in an amazing Nashville Tennessean front page news story and subsequent Rainbow CD (seven styles of Gene’s original music backed by a literal “who's-who” of some of the best players in Nashville); employment by a Kuwaiti Prince; forming his own reggae/calypso band in the Virgin Islands; and eventually striking up a friendship with Stevie Wonder, who convinced him to move to Los Angeles where Gene got to spend over a year in the studio learning from the master blaster himself.
Eventually Gene was able to fulfill a life long dream to own his own recording studio, and opened the cutting edge 12 Step Music Production facilities in Studio City, California. There he worked with many of the elite in both the music and TV industries. He also formed a new band and produced one of his favorite CD's ‘Cowboys and Indians'… a must have CD for any serious country music collector, as band members were from John Lennon's, Paul McCartney's, and Merle Haggard's bands respectively
One of the first indications that Gene would become “The Renaissance Man” he is known as today, was the writing and subsequent publication of his first book, The Chameleon----a ‘first of its kind’ multi-media musical memoir which recounts his own vivid rite of passage from a boy into a man. It comes complete with 3 Cd’s of every style of music imaginable from Dixieland to jazz to rock and roll as well as seventy-five original poems with footnotes to guide you when to play or read which song or poem. As he puts it “It’s perfect for the schizophrenic.”
Today Gene has a 501c3 foundation and is everywhere; in concert halls, corporations, inter-faith churches, and meeting halls filled with at-risk kids; international conferences, on radio and TV, and in the recording studio working on what he says is “the best music I ever wrote”. Much of his time is spent on the road traveling into the hearts of thousands of people each year.
“I’ve been so blessed in this life to follow my dreams and now feel it is my responsibility to share my experience, strength and hope with others… I'm a reporter bringing back tales from the hinterlands; a storyteller and troubadour who still loves to play for his supper”. Experiencing Gene Wall Cole through his writings, concerts and live performances is a treat not to be missed.

Matthew Connerton is from Asheville and is a young Mozart genius type with keyboard chops from Leon Russell to Billy Preston to Keith Emerson.


Habit Forming --- (humor)

Written By: Gene Wall Cole

Creatures of habit...this one's for you

Verse 1
I have always tried to keep an eye out for those early warnings
Keeping me away from anything that might be habit forming
But I have come to the conclusion, even when there's ample warning
Everything that I enjoy potentially is habit forming


Verse 2
Over eating oversleeping being late for work each morning
These are just a few examples how we keep those habits forming
Just when you think you have licked the habit, you can bet it's scorning
Knowing that the odds are definitely with the those habits forming

Habit you had enough?
Habit it your own way
Habits Forming
Do you habit?
I don't habit..
Well odds are if you habit I habit too
Habit you had enough yet
Even nuns have habits

Stop Picking On Me---(humor)

Written By: Gene Wall Cole

Verse 1
You got the pick of the crop
Like it or not
You got the pick hit of the week
You can pick your friends
You can pick and grin
You're always free to pick your seat
You can pick the plot where they'll lay you down and the grass will grow over U
You can pick your teeth, even pick your brains.
Pick anything you want to

You can pick to win place or show
Pick the pocket of who's in the know
But stop picking on me

Verse 2
You got your pick of the litter
If you don't get the gitters, you're free to go pick a fight.
You got your pick up spot
Like it or not, sometimes you got to pick a diet
You got your picket line, pick your favorite sign
Sometimes you you got to pick up the phone
You might pick apart someone you love
Just because you need to be alone

Verse 3
You got your picket fence
It don't make sense, unless you pick the color white
Pick up your clothes, you can pick your nose, In public it still ain't right.
You can pick your turf and when you go to surf, you're always free to pick your wave.
You can pick a peck of pickled peppers
Even buy em at the Pic and Save

Girl (boy) you stop picking on me

You're everything to me (love)

Written By: Gene Wall Cole

Waited for so long
To sing you this love song
First had to belong---to you
Of all creation
You're my inspiration
This dedication's ---past due

Girl can't you see
You're the sun, the moon
You're everything to me

Verse 2
When you're beside me
I want you so badly
I've fallen madly for you
Want you so much
Got to have your touch
Don't you know you're such---a jewel

Verse 3
Angel come down
To you I am bound
It's heaven that I've found---in you
Love you forever
Always together
There's nothing that I'd rather---do

Verse 4
Remember the first time
You're eyes met mine
Something divine began
Such a surprise
Contented soft sighs
It's only now I---understand

Destiny (love song)

Written By: Gene Wall Cole

Verse 1
First time I saw you standing there
Smile in your eyes, flower in your hair
Knew right away, there was nothing to were mine.
You came over and took my hand
The look in your eyes helped me understand.
You knew it too there was nothing to do
I was yours.

Something's come over me
Seems like destiny
Somethings come over me
Call it destiny

Verse 2
All of my life I've been looking to find
The girl of my dreams who would make my life shine
The harder I tried, the more that I cried out in vain
Til' finally I felt that there never would be
That one in the world who was just there for me
Then it happened, you and me, it was ecstasy

Something's come over me
Seems like destiny
Somethings come over me
Call it destiny
Something's come over me
It was ecstasy

Cowboys and Indians (country)

Written By: Gene Wall Cole

Verse 1
When I was a boy and I'd come home from school
What I most enjoyed, what I lobged to do
Was put on my cowboy hat, strap on my gun
Tie on my chaps, then my boots one by one.

Then I'd go next door, I can still hear me say.
"Can Johnny come out? Can he come out and play?"
Since I had the outfit, and he was my friend
We'd always play cowboys and indians

I can still hear me say
Can you come out and play
Cowboys and Indians

Then I grew a bit older, put away my toys
I still wore my boots, went out with the boys
First long necks then ladies had become my best friend
Now the game was for real there was no more pretend

Still sometimes to this day
I still want to play
Cowboys and Indans

Those simple days, have passed us by
Longing for them will make you sigh
Ain't no use in asking why
Only makes you want to cry cry cry...

Verse 3
Now I'm all grown up, still act like John Wayne
I still fancy the ladies, I don't show no pain
I'm teaching my son, to fight the good fight
And whenever you can, try and stand for what's right

Still sometimes to this day
I still want to play
Cowboys and Indians
I can still hear me say
Can you come out and play
Cowboys and Indians
It such a nice day
Come on over---let's play
Cowboys and Indians

Hills of Beverly (country humor)

Written By: Gene Wall Cole

Hills of Appalachia
How I love them so
Rockies and the Ozarks
Now them thar' hills I know.
But the hills that make me crazy
The hills that can't be seen
Are the hills down there in Beverly
Where everything's a dream

I went to see the cowboys on Rodeo Drive
I might have seen a stetson as a limousine drove by
I did not see no horses, didn't see no
'Less you count that pig on a leather leash, with a rhinestone hat and bow

Hills of Beverly Hills of Beverly
Ain't no sign of wildlife
'cept all them furs I see
Didn't see no river
Nothing running free
Ain't no sign of country in them Hills of Beverly

The got Giorgi and Gucci and Liz Taylor perfume
They got fancy cars and movie stars and plastic plants in bloom
I went to get some coffee as I walked around
But they gave me some expresso and I'm still trying to come downnnnn (fast Bev. Hillbilly theme)

If you ever go to the Hills of Beverly
Don't you be surprised by the things you will not see
You will not see no horses, nothing running free
'Cause there ain't no sign of country in them Hills of Beverly

(I Could Be) The Boy Next Door (pop)

Written By: Gene Wall Cole

She's met her match
But she doesn't want to get attached
She thinks there's a catch .... somewhere

Oh boy I just woke up
I guess that was just a dream
I wonder why you're always on my mind
I wonder what that means?

Can't get you out from under my skin
I wish that now we were we had never been,
introduced, but what's the use now it's happened?

I'll love you with a passion
ThoughI know that's not the latest fashion
Everybody's trying to play it so cool
But me, I'm just the kind of boy who always wants to break all the rules.
I can be the boy next door
You're the one for me
I can be the boy next door
I'm the one for you.

Oh boy I just woke up
I guess that was just a dream
I wonder why you're always on my mind
I wonder what that means
You're crying tears of joy
Cause you've met your boy
And it's me


Practice Makes Perfect Love (rock)

Written By: Gene Wall Cole

Verse 1
Flowers to start her day
Afternoon's our time to play
I'm her doctor, she's my nurse
We take turns on who goes first
We believe like they say
Pardon me, but to coin a phrase
Who am I to contradict
Practice makes perfect
Who am I to contadict Practice makes perfect love

Verse 2
When we close the door at night
And candles dance by candlelight
Her every wish is my command
Just the way true love was planned
I give her everything she needs
I don't stop until she pleads
Even Cassanova knew
There's always room to improve...
Who am I to contradict
Practice makes perfect love

Alligators round the bed
So much safer here instead
Don't you know I thought you knew
I'm here to slay your dragons too
Sometimes we pillow-fight
Then pillow-talk throughout the night
A coule children having fun
It's the secret to keeping young
Who am I to contradict
Practice makes perfect love

When the feeling comes on her
No matter where it might occur
I tell her just give me the eye
At first she was oh so shy
But now she doesn't hesitate
There's just some things that can not wait
Love has a mind all it's own
It's not for sale or even loan
Who am I to contradict
Practice makes perfect love


The Rainbow Album
Awakening Imaginations
Is That The Kind Of Country You Want
Stairway To Heaven
Go To to hear dozens of songs and see interviews etc etc

Set List

Please Please Me
Stop Picking On Me
Habit Forming
Cowboys and Indians
You're Everything to Me
Tears Of Joy Yodel Away
Soft and Hard
Play Along
With or Without You
There Ought To Be A Law
Opposites Attract Uprising
Were All in This Together
Tennessee Hospitality
All In This Together
I Want To Live
Goodbye Blues

Usually 2 sets an hour each---change it up depending on the venues