the gentlemen ether

the gentlemen ether

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Vintage Style, Modern Music. Hip Hop with a splash of Electro Rock featuring a sliver tongued wordsmith who spits as sharp as a Hattori Hanzo sword. Dressed to the nines as a true Gentlemen should be, ready to rip the stage with ferocity. Juxtapostion-vintage style+modern music= the Gentlemen Ether.


What is the Ether? It has been described as the dimension from where all ideas come. Those ideas that come from a place you can’t explain, but feel compelled to follow. We are The Gentlemen and we live in the Ether.

Two men, two power animals. Mr. Puma and Lynx Kinetic. A bond formed on the battlefields of emcee ciphers representing the legendary Tempe Bronks Krew. Now after many years apart these Gentlemen have reunited... and we have come for your hearts. The Gentlemen rock a hype live show with huge sound filled out by the Commish on the keyboards. Come to our shows and you will dance your ass off!

Lynx Kinetic on the beats. Inspired by the ether, the music touches on many different genres, but always with Hip Hop as the backbone. The beats leave an ample musical playground for Mr. Puma to do what he does best….perform feats of lyrical gymnastics and torch the microphone.


Huff E.P.
Double Barrel (Single)
M.E.W. (Single)

Set List

K.O. Face
Hot Breath
One Step Beyond
Fucking Huff
Double Barrel