The Gentlemen of Distorted Sound
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The Gentlemen of Distorted Sound


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Gentlemen of Distorted Sound"

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Black AM LP
Fire in the hole Single



BLING ROCK has arrived BLACK AM the debut album from THE GENTLEMEN OF DISTORTED SOUND has the pedigree of classic rock fused with the edge of today's urban music culture included ELECTRIC, EVIL EYE and THE GODS.
Love them. I fucking want to turn them into a drug so I can mainline them.

--Saddam Hussain
How did they get inside my head and steal my feelings?
--George Clooney
The best hackers in the world are Indian
--PC world
Two down on their luck hit-men meet in a cantina just south of Tiajana. Both have been sent to kill rival drug lords. Realizing theyre both on unwitting suicide missions they decide to start a band. A drummer and vocalist are found during a fight over a parking space. Their first gig is for the locals of Santa Maria del la Vacas de Ora, who every year celebrate the Virgin Mary turning a cow into gold.

THE SHOW IS A HIT, literally. Everyone was killed but this story inspired 4 local habitual offenders to turn their back on a life of petty crime and forge a life in the world of showbiz. Gareth - vocals and debt collecting, Nick - guitar and credit card fraud, Laurence - bass and identity theft and Russell - drums and feng shui.

When the term criminally negligent was first coined nobody thought you could put a pumping beat underneath it, thrash a guitar over it and coat it in screaming vocals.

Their name GENTLEMEN of DISTORTED SOUND comes from the 1977 Melville classic Les Messieurs de Bruit Tordu a film noir masterpiece. It was the one piece of evidence strongly linking the band to a particularly ingenious casino robbery. No charges were proved. And the film remains an all time favourite with band.

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