The Get Down

The Get Down


The get down is an experience to be witnessed. Frustration, tension, attitude, confidence and style are balled into a musical phenomenon that comprises our performance. Experience and maturity set us apart. We are music fans first and you can hear the love.


Typically touted as the most burly band in Gainesville, the get down have been rockin' it since 97'. With a combined bicep size of 46 inches; comprised of an ASE certified mechanic, a journalist who makes pizza and dj's, and a swindling entrepreneur currently selling Volkswagens, you just can't touch it. Kinda like Zeus impregnating Scarlett Johansen with a baby named The Get Down. Musical influence resulting in a mix of sounds and genres from a mix of fugazi rock, built to spill, guitar works of "the edge" and drum sounds of Bonham and the lips on a hybrid electronic drumkit. The sounds created are a rhythmic ensemble that is built up to a point of explosion, A wall of sound that is as rhythmic as it is cohesive. You can feel the tension building in each song that brings a feeling of fulfillment at the end of each song. A voyage, mind you; a musical journey through scenes and life. If you have ever felt something that touches that raw chord, the very essence of what you want from music. We have lived through many musical trends, played in several bands and witnessed countless performances. The Get Down know what a band should sound like. We ignore trends and focus on quality. Quality is timeless and we can't wait to write that perfect song or quintessential full-length. Hair cuts, make-up, "fancy lad" clothes and ornaments are just that. . . ornamental. We'd rather buy more delay pedals and sub-woofers, further our ideas and make something substantial. This quasi-posturing is not even necessary, we just want to share our music with the world. Recently reunited after what became a three year hiatus, due to life's callings, The Get Down is currently in the recording process and will eventually be in the label market for a spring '08 release.


Look out September '07

Set List

Typical set list is approximately 8 to 10 songs...Intro song, mostly instrumental; the rest of the set is balanced according to a mix of what seems dynamically appropriate for each set. Our typical set length is about 35 to 45 minutes, but we can increase that if need be with either more songs or improvisation.