The Get Down

The Get Down


Louder than C'mon, better looking than Cursed, smarter than B.T.O., but dumb enough to play something that most bands wish they could- actual, honest to God rocknroll.


The Get Down realize that they're not reinventing the wheel by playing loud rocknroll, but maybe just whittling a few new spokes to reinforce it. The Get Down formed after the breakup of Edmonton band Les Tabernacles. Ted Wright and Pat Bourne realized that there was still room in this country for one more rocknroll band, and decided to form the Get Down. Arson be damned, nothing would stop them from playing in what Calgary's Beatroute magazine called "the best pure rock and roll band in Alberta"(Spencer Brown). They live to play and play to live. Influences include hamburgers, not bathing on tour, seeing old friends and making new ones, and blowing tiny minds and tiny eardrums.


4-song ep released Dec. 06, new ep "Dirty Power" release TBA.

Set List

Typical set is 35-50 mins, depending on which MC5, Stooges, or AC/DC songs we throw in.