The Get Down

The Get Down

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

The Get Down is a hard rock influenced band in the vein of the great eastern Canadian bands, such as Tricky Woo, C'mon, Bionic, and others. While this band is an amalgamation of the appreciation of the sounds of past decades, we keep one foot in the door of now.


The Get Down were formed in 2006 from the ashes of local punk rock n' roll favorites, Les Tabernacles. Members of the band include Pat Bourne, Ken Eisenbarth, and Ted Wright, and drummer Gravy. The sound of The Get Down is what is missing in the musical indie landscape right now-balls out hard rock with hints of metal and progressive songwriting. We kick out all jams and believe in now.


2009-Dirty Power(ep)
2012-(to be released)Between The Thunder And The Light-LP
Tracks from the upcoming record can be heard from Bandcamp at our Facebook site.