The Get-Rites

The Get-Rites


Twang with a bang in the tradition of The Louvin Brothers, Gram Parsons, and Uncle Tupelo. - PBS, Wisconsin Public Television, Andy Moore (30-Minute Music Hour)


Imagine the Wild West wooden cabin on wheels, tin pot stovepipe poking through the roof, has just clanked into town hauled by a pair of dog-tired mules. The quack-cure caravan, preacher, sideshow musicians and dancing girls taking up the rear, has arrived to provide temporary distraction, merriment and promised remedies for every ailment under the sun. When the dust settles, Minneapolis, Minnesota’s travelin’ light trio, The Get-Rites emerge on a makeshift stage, snare drum and cymbal, guitar and double bass in hands. There are lost souls to be saved and there’s no rest for any until their work’s been done.


2008 - Tin Roof Sky
2007 - Pedal Steel Heaven
2007 - Side Show Revival
2005 - Driven to my Knees

Set List

All original