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The Gets

Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Music Review"

Nite~Life Magazine
article written by: Jim Waters
September 2009

A quick trek over to Breaktime yielded a couple of interesting results. The first was The Gets, this time a duo that played a short set of their own music. I really loved the song "Vegetables". I was talking to a new found friend and really forgot to listen to the band. What I did hear was very good and can really be helped by the addition of a drummer, a fact not lost to them as they are looking (hint, hint). Jeremiah Current (guitar/vocals) uses the guitar to it's full extent and really does well as a vocalist. I didn't get a chance to talk to him so I don't have any personal info as to his influences and such, but I did talk to a lovely lass named Heather who gave me some real insight into Jeremiah Current. Apparently this guy seems to be a borderline prodigy music-wise.
After listening to the CD I was given, I can see some real insightfulness in the lyrics and music. The tempo of the songs really creates a sympathetic harmony that blends readily to the vocals. This is one of the phenomenons in music that creates depth and adds a sort of bonding that bolsters the credence of the group or in this case persons playing. It is what captures the audience by causing the music to sound inside their head instead of coming out of the amps. It rarely appears outside of a full fledged stage. Kudos to a couple of people who can do it right......
- Nite~Life Magazine

"The Gets - Dallas, TX (February 2011)"

Interview by

BANDFLIX: How would you describe your music?
The Gets: We like to say that we’re edgy enough for the youngsters; diverse enough for the intellects; comforting enough for the elderly. Every so often we get people that want references to popular acts they might know, to help them create more of a tangible hear-vision on the vibe/sound that we generate. So then we state that we sound like Todd Rundgren (meets) Supergrass (meets) Oasis. Or if you’d like to confine us to labeled genres then we’re acoustic/indie/soft-rock/alternative/experimental-ish.

BANDFLIX: How did you choose your band name?
The Gets: In late 2008 I (Jeremiah) started doing a solo acoustic side project, going by various names, to take a break from the hectic stress and drama my full-time band was going through. It gave me an opportunity to do different songs (that normally the band wouldn’t have thought twice about doing) in different atmospheric settings. After a few shows I was getting a substantial amount of good reviews which then led me to pursue the side-project as a full-time project. So then I knew I had to get on the ball and find a way to make this project relevant. This led me to give the project an official name as well as getting additional band members to fill out the sound and bring some character and life to the material. The name actually came to me in that moment before you fall asleep. When everything’s a bit hazy and your mind starts wondering off onto random things and one of these random things was me thinking about the new band. The Gets popped into my head and it just made perfect sense. Well...It made sense to me (laughs).
Around this time, when The Gets band name came to mind, the band was going by the name 'Dig Out The Truth' but we all felt that 'Dig Out The Truth' was too long of a name, too hard for fans to remember, and to us as well as to other people it almost sounded like a Christian rock band. Nothing against Christian rock; we do enjoy that genre a lot, but that's not the style music we're leaning towards.
So on a late Sunday afternoon I suggested the name The Gets to the other guys. Everyone really liked the name, so here we are THE GETS!!!

BANDFLIX: How long have you been playing together?
The Gets: Well like I said earlier, I’ve been doing this project with some of these songs since September 2008. So going on 3 years now this project has been up and enthusiastically moving along. We have been through the typical and frustrating “members entering and leaving” routine that a lot of bands tend to have, but that hasn’t brought us down. Like any motivated band, we keep chugging through the down times.
Now it seems that the right people have met and are in place.
Our member line up is:
Jeremiah Current - acoustic guitar/vocals
Jared Vanderpool - guitars/vocals
Tristan (T-Bag) Hendrix - bass/vocals
Kevin Meacham - drums
Phillip (Lipe') MacPherson - percussion/vocals
This version of the band has been together since late October 2010.

BANDFLIX: Where do you get inspiration for the music you write?
The Gets: Inspiration for us comes from everything and everywhere. We are very cognizant of our surroundings. My inspiration can come from a bit of what I hear and see in a television commercial/news, from a function/party I attended the night before, or it can come from watching two squirrels frolic in the yard. The possibilities are unbounded. When I actually write a song, I never know if I’m going to write a song. I never sit down with the guitar and say “okay now I’m going to write”. It almost never works like that for me, but sometimes I will write to order if asked to. Most of the time I happen to be alone, fiddling around with a guitar that’s lying around and then for some reason an idea will spontaneously pop into my mind. Then I work it out. There are times when I’m lying in bed, or on the toilet, or in the shower, or somewhere else, and a random miraculous idea will beam through and hit my creative antenna.


"All About The Music"

Herald Democrat (Texoma area newspaper)
written by: Connie Harshman
November 17, 2006

All About The Music

For frequent visitors of the live music scene around North Texas, the name of local rock band Trip Adams' popularity has grown in the area for the last few years with popular hits like "Kristi" and "Get You Down".
Trip Adams is a three-member band consisting of Jeremiah Current, who sings lead vocals and bass; Clay Wise on the drums; and Chris Hathcock playing guitar.
Every aspect of the band, from the songwriting process to the business decisions, is a collaborative effort between the members. When writing songs Trip Adams' influences range from random thoughts to watching cartoons.

Learning what is going on in the world is a major influence for guitar player Chris Hathcock. "I've always been into politics, and I don't know why but watching the news let you know what is going on in the world and I find that it is extremely inspiring," he said. Hathcock said that he would like to go to college later and major in political science.

The genesis of the name Trip Adams centers around the love life of Current, the originator of the band. "A girl I used to date had a nephew named Trip, and another girl that I had a crush on had a boyfriend named Adams," Current said. Current put the two names together when frequenting the local bars. In 1998, the name caught the attention of a band mate who suggested that Current use that name for the band.
Trip Adams has not been a consistent project for Current over the years. Since starting the band at the age of 18, Current had repeatedly left the band and come back to it. "It's only been more of a consistent thing in the past few years," he said. Current said that even though he never saw himself doing music full-time, he had hoped for it. "I was always just a goofy guy that played with a broomstick in front of the mirror," he said bashfully.

All the band members express a passion for music and how it has touched their lives and their fans. The members of Trip Adams value themselves on trying to be a positive influence on their fans.
When songwriting, they make it a point not to cuss in their lyrics. "We don't need to cuss. The same thing can be said using different words," said Current.
While Trip Adams has had several favorite songs among their fans, surprisingly they choose not to play their more personal songs in front of audiences. "They are just too personal," said Current. The band has not come to the point where they feel comfortable playing their more personal songs in front of fans.

"Just looking out to the crowd and seeing them dig our music whether it's one person or a lot is the best feeling in the world," said Hathcock. "It's all about the music and the fans. I've had fans come up to me and tell me that our music has touched their lives. It makes me feel that I might be doing the right thing".
A supporter of local bands, the members make it a point to venture out and check out the North Texas music scene.

One of the more frequent places to see Trip Adams in concert is at Breaktime in Denison. "We absolutely love Ed Stone, the owner of Breaktime, and he has really made it into an original music venue for local bands," said Hathcock. The affection is reciprocated by the staff of Breaktime. "They are awesome guys and the nicest band around. They have brought so many bands in here from Canada and all over the place," said Lorinda Lillie, booking manager for Breaktime. According to Lillie, one of the reasons Trip Adams is so popular in the area is their humble attitude and willingness to help out everyone. The band does a lot of charity work and recently played a cancer benefit at Breaktime in memory of Kevin Thomas, the father of a Breaktime employee.

One thing that will remain consistent for Trip Adams in the years to come is their passion for music. "It's like breathing, it moves me and holds the fabric of my life together. I could be in the worst mood in the world but listening to music that I enjoy can bring me up," said Hathcock.
Wise said there is not a period of his life when he cannot look back and remember having music as part of his life in some form or fashion. "I want to do that for other people, music is music and if it's done with emotion behind it, then it's real," Wise said.

- Herald Democrat

"Special Recognition Announcement"

Herald Democrat and North Texas e-news
August 14, 2006 - Special Recognition Announcement

It seems too often that rock and roll bands are equated with destruction, bad behavior, and illegal substances. Fortunately that's not the case for a handful of Texoma rock bands. Friday, August 4, 2006, Trip Adams, The Oliver White Group, Animasoul, and Daddy Bones all joined forces to rock the roof off of Breaktime in Denison solely to support their local chapter of Meals On Wheels. It's difficult to get such amazing bands with busy schedules in the same place at one time, but they all jumped at the chance to volunteer to benefit local senior citizens. The event headed by Margaret Davis and Trip Adams, was an astounding success! Jeremiah Current, lead singer and bassist for Trip Adams, dreamed up the event several months ago. "This area has been really blessed with so much original talent, and I wanted to showcase these bands while at the same time supporting a great, local cause - we had a lot of fun along the way too," Current said of the event. Special thanks to Ed Stone, owner of Breaktime, for allowing the event to take place, and his wonderful staff for handling the droves of people that turned out for the show. Also, Charlie Daniels generously donated his time and talents to create an unforgettable light show to accent the musicians' performances. Most importantly, all the musicians want to thank the patrons of the Texoma area for turning out to the show and helping raise so much money for Meals On Wheels.

And Meals on Wheels want to thank Breaktime Billiards and the wonderful, talented bands who performed for this special event. Thank you.

- Herald Democrat

"Weekend Music Scene"

The Daily Cougar
written by: Ruthie Rodriguez
November 27, 2006

With the group's energetic blend of alternative, grunge, and pop rock the headlining act, Trip Adams, will surely have a slightly diverse group of concertgoers flocking to the scene.
For most of Trip Adams' pieces guitarist Chris Hathcock, and bass guitarist Jeremiah Current offer edgy guitar riffs while Clay Wise provides an intense layer of steady drumming from which the band's energy thrives off of.
- The Daily Cougar

"Dallas Music Review"

Blog - posted by: Zine-O-Phonic
Thursday December 14, 2006

Then it's Trip Adams, who I think just might be Dallas' answer to the all-powerful, all-rocking, all-wondermus Eaton Lake Tonics.
Three piece rock band? CHECK!
Gritty indie rock songs? CHECK!
These guys kicked the ass of every band they played with a couple of months ago on one of Carlin's Tuesday night, and it was a damn shame that they had to go on at almost 1 a.m. that night. People should really start paying attention to what these boys are up to.



Deep Ellum Sessions - released March 2010
recorded @ Deep Ellum Studios

The Great Fiasco - released September 2012
recorded @ Jim Barnes Productions

Second Hand Smoke Grenade - released May 2019

Sympatico - released July 2020




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Additional information
**2007: Jeremiah Current nominated for 2007 Male Vocalist of The Year & 2007 Bass Player of The Year in Music Scene Magazine
**2008: Jeremiah Current nominated for 2008 Male Vocalist of The Year & 2008 Bass Player of The Year in Music Scene Magazine
**2008: Jeremiah Current performed 73 acoustic shows thoughout Texas & Oklahoma

**2009: Jeremiah Current nominated for 2009 Male Vocalist of The Year & 2009 Bass Player of The Year in Music Scene Magazine
**October 22, 2009: song "Fuzz" received air play on the Billy D show based out of Fort Worth, TX

**August 24, 2011: songs "Fuzz" and "Wake" received air play on Paris Live

**January 30, 2013: songs "One For The Team" and "If I Sleep" received air play on Paris Live
**April 11, 2013: The Gets interview on KKVI 88.9 FM by Shirley Walker-King
**April 11, 2013: songs 'One For The Team' & 'If I Sleep' received radio air-play on KKVI 88.9 FM

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