The Ghost

The Ghost


Electronica / Hip Hop/Rock/Club/House/Dance/Other..


We are at Electro Duo from Faroe Island, and we have played 5 conserts, after the 2 concert we were asked to play at the Faroe Island G!Festivas party, and after that concert we were invited to play at the G!Festival. We played at a Faroese street festival called "ASFALT", after that concert---people were blown away, and all the magasines were writing that THE GHOST was an surprisingly good band, and The Ghost was the answer to the Faroese music..
We playd at G! Festival, and many good people were listening, people like Moshi Moshi records, Clash magasine from UK, and some Norway magasines. and we got 4 stars of 6 from "dimmalætting" a faroes magasin Moshi Moshi told us that we were the best band in the Faroe ,and they would love to have us to London..Clash magasine, was writing that The Ghost was the best ban on the G! Festival, and the Norway magasin was as well... blown away! And was writing good about us, and told me that they loved us and would love to hear us again and noew we are going to play at "PhonoFestival" in Bergen Norway :)
We are a band that love to be on stage and play good music, and dont want the audiance to be bored, so we are always giving 100% ,so it can be a goood concert..we are crazy on stage and people dont know what they can expect when they come to concert with "THe Ghost" !

The G! Festival in Faroe Island said about us

The last couple of weeks The Ghost have exploded unto the Faroese scene with their exciting electro-pop, resulting in permanent jaw dropage and vigorous ass shakage.

The Ghost play a curious mix of electro-pop and indie rock. Supported by the searching minimalist tones of Urbanus Olsen, singer Filip Mortensen sings, moans, breathes and neighs himself to heights hitherto un-reached by Faroese singers. Even though The Ghost have only played a couple of gigs their massive talent and potential cannot be hidden. The hysterical reactions of those fortunate enough to have experienced them live attest to that fact. Musically The Ghost mix the vintage electro sounds of Kraftwerk with subsequent generation of electronic performers, yet retaining an organic and emotional basis. The result is one of the most exciting bands to emerge in the Faroese scene in a considerable while.......

And something the press said after, G!fetsival

Filip is a brilliant enertainer and he is very good at getting the crowd to go wild. One time he went dancing around the crowd and got every on their dancing feet. He was very charming.

He didn't hit the notes clearly all the time, but he is a great singer all in all. The voice is quite high and is unique to him.

The second last song was a remix of the song "Dancing Around Honolulu" by the Story Ends. The remix by The Gost and Thor Simonsen, and he come on stage rapping along. In the last song "Something New" Urbanus played the electric guitar and Filip the normal guitar.

Filip closed the show by saying: "We will deffinetely come back to the Faroe Islands. Beautiful view!"

The sound was good and the awesome electronic music by the Ghost fit perfectly in the "Grundin" on G!festival

And The "Clash" Magazine from "UK"
By David McGuire-The Clash Magazine
G! Festival

The Dance stage which, in a previous life was used as a fish factory saw the young talent of Ghost free-style over some well produced and psychedelic pop-beats, it was brilliant..


We dont have any CD.released, because we are so new..But we have some DEMO songs, that have been played many times on the Radio, and Disco houses around, and songs have been used to a film by Thomas Koba, a faroes film director,

Set List

We have songs that can cover over 1 hour, but normaly, we play 40 minnets..and if we play at Disko we play longer....