The Ghost of Vigoda

The Ghost of Vigoda


The Ghost of Vigoda has a completely original sound like no other band on the market today. They have played over 40 shows since starting up in early 2012 and since then have recorded a CD that has received radio play and have toured New England while maintaining themselves as an independent band.


Guitar player Matt Cuddy was looking to start a band at the end of summer 2011. After weeks of searching through Craigslist with no luck, he came across an ad from a singer/songwriter named Everett McKee that had just moved to Boston from a small town in Indiana to play music. After a few short emails, the two musicians met up and jammed. The chemistry was there from the first note played. The two agreed to form a band that day. Their first few shows were as an acoustic duo. Then one day, some old friends from college contacted Matt about forming a band. Matt told them that he had been jamming with a singer and the first formation of the band was created. The group went on to play numerous shows in the Boston and Providence area. Now, fast forward to March of 2012. The group had gone through four drummers and a rhythm guitar player and were left with Matt, Everett and the original bass player Sean. After a few disappointing shows, the three remaining members knew a change was needed. Matt put out an ad on for a new drummer. That day, two drummers emailed him. The first, Max Bouzinov, had a studio at his house in Walpole and played drums, guitar and keys. The other drummer, James Wilhelmsen, lived further away but was willing to travel to meet with the band for a jam session. Matt asked Max if he would be interested in playing guitar and keys in the band. Max said yes and the date was set for a full band practice. Since the first practice, The Ghost of Vigoda has been establishing themselves as one of the premier Jam Bands in the New England area. They have played over 40 shows since forming and look to play out as much as possible.

In June 2012, the band recorded their first EP called "The Ghost of Vigoda" and released it independently in July. They had a CD release show at the Middle East upstairs and played in front of a packed room for the first time. This CD is now on iTunes and Spotify and has been featured on various college radio stations and podcasts.

The live show is The Ghost of Vigoda's strongest asset. Each show, the band takes off on improv jams during almost every song they play, taking the music in new directions every night they hit the stage. Because the band takes so many chances while playing live, their songs are always evolving, making it interesting for themselves and fans alike.

The bands influences come from many directions. Their biggest influences come from The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Phish, Radiohead, Dispatch, and Bright Eyes. Each member of the band comes from a different musical back round and contributes something unique to the group.

The band guarantees satisfaction from the concert goer because they have a completely original sound that offers something for everyone to enjoy. They look forward to playing in front of bigger audiences and hope to start a new Jam Band scene in the New England area.


The Ghost of Vigoda EP - 2012

We have been played on these radio stations - 90.1 FM WRUV University of Vermont Radio, 91.1 FM WMUA UMASS Radio, UNregular Radio Boston Local Music Show Podcast.

Set List

The band draws from these original songs while making their set list:

Take Me Home
Peace Beneath the City
Into the Night
Oh, Love
Peggy O (Grateful Dead Cover)
Westbound Train
In the Garden
Another Passing Afternoon
Thirty Trips Around the Sun
Follow Me Down
Ganges River
Blue Sky (Allman Brothers Cover)
Peanut Butter Jam
Hadacol Caravan
Who Am I?
Motionless Faces
Cocaine Eyes
Out Your Window
Flightless Bird