The Ghostwitch Family Band

The Ghostwitch Family Band


Like Johnny Cash and Glenn Danzig gangbanged a $2 hooker and nine months later "The Ghostwitch Family Band" came to be. These lowlife legends of "trailer-metal" sing the songs that make the devil cry. Girls, killin', drinkin', and other brands of evil shape their Country-Metal-Blues-Punk sound.


Love songs for career criminals... The Ghostwitch Family Band is part music, part biker gang, part erie feeling, and part cult. Traces of Danzig, Morrison and Willie Dixon are evident in this project. Blues legends such as Howlin wolf, Charlie Patton and Muddy Waters drink side by side with Outlaw Country heroes like Hank Sr., Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard in their compositions. Throw in a dash of The Misfits, Black Flag, even a little Down and you have the perfect road map for a trip into the underground of Americana. They're currently writing and performing in the tiny, dark places where you would expect to find stale smoke, honest music and strong drinks.


Working on it.

Set List

45 minutes of originals with 1-2 Misits or Cash covers.