The Ghostwood Project

The Ghostwood Project


heavy chongo/ pure heft


The Ghostwood Project formed in the summer of 2004. The band is Sean Mahon (guitar), Thomas Delaney (drums), and Conor Garry (bass). They met by answering an advert in a local music shop and since then the trio have been steadily building a profile for themselves on the irish scene. They have played over 130 gigs including support slots to the Redneck Manifesto, Electric Eel Shock, Jape, The Dudley Corporation, Waiting Room, Giveamanakick, Neosupervital, Delorentos and an Irish Tour with iForward Russia! Road Records discribed them best as "sounding at times like a more rocking mogwai with some of the epic moments of godspeed and the off tune avant rock of sonic youth". They will be on tour again this july and are set to release their long awaited debut album this October


demo 1 - feb 2003
demo 2 - jan 2006

Set List

headline set is 8 songs roughly 50 min set
support slot is 4-5 songs roughly 25-30 min set

all originals, no covers