The Giant Baby

The Giant Baby

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

The Giant Baby is a ROCK band with STADIUM overtones. Think drunk poets meet stadium monster sound with a large dose of Pop Melody thrown in as a chaser.



The Giant Baby got together for the first time in April 2005. Constantine Karzis (bass, vox) and Patrick Corbett (guitar, vox) were in China touring with the band The New Black on a cultural exchange mission hosted by the Canadian Embassy. They bought a $20 Ovation knockoff guitar and started writing songs on the tour bus, while witnessing the surreal world of 17th century farm collectives mixed with Blade Runner-esque science fiction cityscapes of the cities and villages they played through.

The name �The Giant Baby� comes from late night Chinese TV, which is rife with horrific infomercials for baby formula to make your �little emperor� as big and fat as possible. The ad agencies there use images of giant babies to sell everything from cameras and whiskey, to cars and shampoo.

When Patrick and Constantine got back from Asia and disbanded The New Black, they installed themselves in a basement rehearsal Space on Richmond Street in Toronto and asked Patrick�s three best friends, Michael Devine -acoustic guitar, Paul Judkins -lead guitar, and Max Payne -drums to join a �melancholic/acoustic/atmospheric/storytelling band� � a �post folk� super group. The Giant Baby was born.

During the first rehearsal the five new friends clicked. The first two songs they learned were a cover of The Willard Grant Conspiracy�s �Front Porch�, a song about abandonment and loss and Patrick�s �La Fontaine� a historically accurate epic about a young girl�s suicide in the Adirondacks in the 70�s. The honesty and lyrical depth became a blueprint for the songwriting to come.

After a few months the songs got bigger and more cinematic, Patrick and Michael�s acoustic guitars were replaced with electrics on occasion. Mellotrons and piano lines started intertwining with Paul�s rippling echoed leads.

They wrote songs about bank heists gone wrong, hypnosis, trains, storms, huge open skies, unfulfilled lives and the madness from succumbing to the howling bells of love.

So many friends started showing up at their incendiary monthly Cameron House shows, with liquor sales through the roof, they were dubbed �The Cameron favorites� - The Giant Baby had to look for larger venues. And with a little help from the internet, word has gotten out, making the recent gigs pretty much standing room only.

These are five creative, eccentric, and talented men, not a band of boys, w/ a resulting sound greater than the sum of it�s parts and more akin to a runaway train at times than the tired and predictable music that seems to be wallpapering our senses into oblivion these days.
The Giant Baby is pure unfiltered gravitas.


1 debut disc: 'The Giant Baby - Anthems & Bartabs.'
avail on website:
1 single and video (so far) for the song - 'break my heart'
avail on website as well.

Set List

Giant Baby typical set list...

Set # 1

Pray for Rain - (Big G)

Coming UP

Hold the Light

Front Porch

Never Let you Down

How Now

Maniac Girls

Killing Moon

Walk Away

Set # 2

Money in the Truck

Come Around Again

I Know You


Places Where we Hide

One Drink

Break my Heart




Miss You (Stones)