The Gifted Program

The Gifted Program

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An explosive blend of musics finest ingrediants brought together as an experiment gone right. Their feel good sound is derived from creative and elaborate rhythm. A good time is guranteed to be haved by all no matter what genre preference they may have.


The Gifted Program started as a group of people that made rap beats in an apartment. After the rap beats were made we started experimenting with adding live instruments to be able to create an organic sound that could be reproduced live with the same hip-hop feel. The writing group then known as 3gsol405 took a break after our friend was kicked out of his apartment for having a live band. With nowhere to practice they started doing their own thing until Jeff and Jon got hired at a warehouse and the owner let them write their rap beats. With unlimited noise potential available they added Jesse Loveit (drums) and Terry Moore (Vocals.) Later Terry Moore temporarily left the band to work on a solo rap album. The remaining four worked on 7 songs in the studio and based off the extremely positive reactions of people at shows they started to write even more. Terry Moore finished working on his solo album and rejoined the band having a renewed interest in the feel good sound The Gifted Program was bringing. The Gifted Program has never lost that hip-hop beat for the underlying feel of their songs. With so much potential they are just waiting for the right opportunity and they will be the next band from Seattle getting National publicity.


We have an 11 song CD that we sell at shows, but no officially released albums yet.

Set List

A typical set list depending on the gig can be up to two hours of original music. We play one cover song, "You'll Never Walk Alone" but we use that for closing shows at bars. A typical set list for an hour show would be:
1. State of Mind
2. Whisper
3. Avalanche
4. Get Up and Run
5. She's Coming Again (10 minute epic sometimes removed for time constraints)
6. See you Later
7. Weather Man
8. Get Up and Run
9. I don't Know
10. Believe In Me
11. Curse of Music
12. Whisper
13. So Called Life
14. Superhero