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"The Gilded Lilies at Tangiers"

Players: Jennifer Paskow, guitar and lead vocals; Joanna de Seyne, keyboard and backing vocals; with special guests Michael Barsimanto, drums; Joel Long, percussion; Oliver Steinberg, bass.
Every band loves setting up in front of an already good size crowd. And when the crowd continues to grow before the sound check, things are definitely looking good. For any band, the goal then is to have the music well received enough to keep people interested in staying. Gilded Lily, fronted by an accomplished female singer (Jennifer Paskow), whose rich and soulful vocals gracefully resonate, took the stage with confidence and performed easy flowing songs, which by the end of the set held the large and enthusiastic crowd gripped within their musical grasp.
The female song writing duo of Paskow and de Seyne has artfully crafted songs that are witty, personable and expressive, delving into unguardedly intimate emotions. The song

"So Long" particularly stood out because of its strong commercial quality, sounding much like what I would expect to hear in rotation on 98.7. And the closing song, a song which Paskow introduced as the story of Jennifer and Joanna's first fateful meeting in a hospital where each of them was attending an ailing family patriarch, is the kind of song which leaves one with a smile on their face and, for anyone who's said goodbye to a dying parent, a lump in their throat.
Although the Tangier's mix wasn't favorable to a band with beautifully blended harmonies (de Seyne's mic remained consistently too low), the quality of the music written by Gilded Lily is one filled with numerous dimensions and would sound good in a multi-CD changer alongside the likes of Norah Jones and Dido. With recording underway to produce a full length CD, the future looks promising for the female team of Paskow and de Seyne.
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the gilded lilies volume one



Singer songwriters Joanna de Seyne and Jennifer Paskow met in 2006 while standing in line at a music conference. After a lengthy conversation which included birthing children and Buddhism, they exchanged numbers and agreed they would get together for a writing session. After writing their first song together they both knew that it would be a fruitful partnership.

Now, two years later, it has indeed proven to be. They recently signed with Format Entertainment (Transfomers, Iron Man, and Alvin and the Chipmunks).Their song “So Long Farewell” recently won ‘best-in-category’ in the West Coast Songwriters competition. A second song, “Never Gonna Stop”, earned honorable mention in the same singer-songwriter category.

Consistent with their mission to use the music they create to bring a message of empowerment and hope, the duo are currently working with the global ambassador for the Dove Self Esteem Fund, Jess Weiner, whose ground breaking workshops bolster self-esteem in girls and young women across the country. Their song, “On the Inside”, has been adopted as the opening anthem for these events.

Their debut EP “the gilded lilies volume one” is available now at Itunes and Amazon.

"Our Extended Story"

Months went by before they were finally able to find a time to collaborate but when they did, the session produced magic. “I’ve been co-writing for years. I love the collaborative process,” explains Joanna. “But the outcome of our first session was truly magical, and that doesn’t happen very often. I knew we had something special to offer each other.”

An uncanny coincidence brought Jennifer and Joanna even closer together: Both of their fathers suffered from the same incurable disease and both patriarchs were being treated in N.Y. by the same doctor in the same hospital.

“The whole process was in the back of our minds as we wrote,” says Jennifer. “The process of watching someone you love suffer, and the feelings of loss and grief that follow you wherever you go when you are simply trying to get up in the morning and face the day can be an enormous challenge. But it can also be a source of great inspiration. It has been quite a journey, these past two years, but it is one we have been able to travel together through music.”

The gilded lilies are the fruit of the past two years of creative collaboration. Joanna took a few years off from music to raise a family. The death of her father, who was an orchestra conductor, opened a new world of inspiration to draw from. “I felt I had been on hold creatively as I tried to get through his illness and death. But when he passed away, I was suddenly open again. I had so much to say and so many musical stories to tell. And it wasn’t coming from a place of sadness or loss. It was coming from a place of strength and overcoming adversity."