The Girls

The Girls



Seattle quintet the Girls deliver a punk-rock sound armed with both the intuition of the better half and the brawn of the other.

We’re talking impressively tight, clean punk-rock that clearly recognizes why bands like Devo and the Cars inspired a good chunk of the bands that inspired a good chunk of the bands that people are always loosing-their-shit for these days.

Right from the start, the Girls displayed a shitload of indisputably catchy hooks, a tightrope-dancing rhythm section, confident blurts and yelps from frontman Shannon Brown, razor-sharp synths, and the charisma to match.

Despite some lineup changes, none of this has changed, and since the band’s formation in 2001, they’ve shared the stage with such bad-ass acts as Graham Coxon of Blur, the Black Lips, the Detroit Cobras, and the Briefs.

In 2004 the Girls successfully toured for throughout Europe for an entire month, covering Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland.

Considering the band members’ collective lineage and stabbing musical chops, who would be surprised by such accomplishments?

Original singer Shannon Brown and guitar-slasher Zache Davis have survived member changes, and now lead bass player/backup-vocalist “Griff,” (Tourist), keyboardist Derek Mason, (the Catheters), and “Moments,” (Popular Shapes) on drums into brief and concise displays of new-wave/punk excellence.

The Girls are currently making the final moves on their as-of-yet untitled second full-length, produced by Martin Feveyear at Seattle’s Jupiter studios.

The record features a marked difference from the sounds of their self-titled debut (Dirtnap), forging more toward a Wire/Devo twitchy-ness that could only come from a band as well-studied in its influences as it is adept with its instruments.



The Girls ST (Europe) Radio Blast Recordings - 2004
The Girls ST (USA) Dirtnap Records - 2004

Airplay on KEXP. (Seattle and world wide @

Set List

Typical set is about 30 minutes long. We play some material off of our first record and quite a bit off of our upcoming record