The girls Defy*

The girls Defy*


Sexy, Soulful, Sisters with the voices of Angels that harmonize and blend to elevate you to another level.


Three Irish sisters, Fiona (21) Nayome (19) and Evangeline (17), better known as Defy* are making their way into the music scene with their sizzling sound and mesmerizing presence. Their original style of music derived from their traditional Celtic training that has now evolved into an eclectic mix of festive pop,rock and soulful R&B. Having performed with British and Irish pop stars on the national stage and appearing on TV numerous times with their original material, they felt it was time to record their own new style of music. Defy* set foot on American soil in September 2005 with a specific goal in mind – to transform themselves and to get their new music heard. Through a series of events they like to call fate, Defy* met with Hip Hop’s first Grammy winning drummer and producer Donald “Don1” Guillaume . Don1’s thundering beats accompanied the Fugees’ and Wyclef’s multi platinum album successes. Through their association with Don, DEFY* were introduced to and attuned their ears to new sounds and beats that helped to inspire their new direction. DEFY* has already collaborated with hit songwriters who have written for Black Eyed Peas, Pink, Good Charlotte and many others. The sky is the limit for the three Irish sister’s, they plan to Defy* all music and all odds to make it to the top. But their new sound, for the moment, is a closely guarded secret and when revealed, will be taking over the world! Many believe in luck, few believe in four-leaf clovers, but soon, all will believe in Defy*.


Tell me Twice

Written By: Lil Eddie

Imagine waking up everyday
Just to wanna close your eyes again
But then again what's the point of dreamin' if it's pretend Yeah
You live without a choice cos you can't stop time so you keep on goin'
Cos sometimes when you're so in love
you just can't be friends

It was inevitable not even a miracle
But like a broken glass so unfixable
Droppin hints underneath mixed signals it wasn't to long ago that you and me baby used to be soo close

My well is dry not another drop from my eye
no need for you to go explaining why
no you don't have to tell me twice
to many tries it was onlt a matter of don't worry about me cos I'll be fine
no you don't have to you dont have to tell me twice

Tryin' to go to sleep every night
tired from another argument
If that's the way it's going to be it's better off that we end yeah
They always say if it's real love through it out it'll come back like a boomerang
So I'm a let it be hands up
Baby I'll let you win


No need to, spare my feelings
Cos my heart, it's already healing
Im' ready to to make my exit
I'm gonna do what's right you don't have to
tell me twice


Black is the Color(single)-Defy*(Under the name Sirocco)
Black is the Color LP-Defy*(Under the name Sirocco)
Both can be found on and itunes under the name Sirocco

Set List

1.Turn it up
2.Cotton Candy
5.Tell me twice
Set is 30 mins