The Glad Version

The Glad Version


Focused and polished pop music.


The Glad Version recorded their first record, Smile Pretty Make Nice (2004) with critically acclaimed producer John Hermanson in the winter of 2003. After roaming the shores of the Mississippi, changing the line-up a bit, and drinking themselves to sleep, TGV released their second record, Lights Out North Star (2006). Charting at #67 on the CMJ Top 200, Lights Out North Star was well received by critics and audiences alike.

The Glad Version released their third full-length album, Make Islands, on Draw Fire Records in October of 2007.

The Glad Version recently rolled into NYC on the Draw Fire Records bio-diesel bus for their showcase at the 2008 CMJ Music Marathon. Pictures of the adventure are posted at


Smile Pretty Make Nice
(Self-Released - 2003)
#9 CMJ ADD | #111 CMJ TOP 200

Lights Out North Star
(Self-Released - 2006)
#8 CMJ ADD | #67 CMJ TOP 200

Make Islands
(Draw Fire Records - 2007)
#106 CMJ TOP 200*

*still charting

Set List

40-45 minutes, but can play for 75 minutes if necessary.

Cadillac Ranch, Can't Wait for October, Deadwood, Ambulance, Cougars, Holy Water, Make Islands, Heavenly Bodies, Drums and Guns, Sailors in the Harbor, 893, Under the Pines, Fire Escape, Down Damrak, Hibernating Haunted House, North Star, Beautiful Skeleton, Calendars and Coffee Cups, Tin Soldier, Captain my Captain, Your Ghost Tonight