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the glad yeah


The Glad Yeah are an extremely melody driven four-piece, who have a penchant for writing 70s-inspired stadium choruses and glam rock hooks while dressing the part. Imagine Roxy Music were fronted by David Bowie and doing Suede covers.


THE GLAD YEAH… Formed in the spring of 2005. Led by flamboyant front-man Christian Patrick, the Glads have become known for their over-the-top live performances - which include scissor kicks, makeup, costumes and loads of sweat. Joining Patrick, is the man with the magic fingers; guitarist Stacy Gunn, bassman The Michael and the purveyor of Pulse himself, Dazzer on drums. Taking a cue from self-admitted influences like Swedes The Ark and Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie, the band have moulded a sound all their own and it's definitely a sound that hasn't been heard this side of the pond for years. “We are a very dramatic band; lyrically, musically, and aesthetically,” Singer Patrick muses. “Our songs are about love, loss and everything in-between. But at the same time we have a certain sense of humour in our live show that people relate to. We’ve all been in painful situations one time or another and you can only be dour and morose for so long. Sometimes you just have to laugh about it.” The band released their debut E.P 'The Long Knives' in September of 2004 to critical acclaim and have just finished recording their much anticipated debut album "Love Turns to Ash". The album is a collection of 10 songs filled with unequivocal honesty and emotion. From Schizophrenic pop opener "Soviet" to the forgiving and optimistic album closer "Honey, Things Need to Change", this is THE album to tug on your heartstrings and leave you slumped in the corner pondering the relationships you have in your lives, past or present, and whether to laugh or cry about them. "I suppose this is a concept album of sorts," Patrick begins. "It is a collection of anecdotes in a five year span of being in a relationship. I think this album is a perfect example of how we deal with love. When things turn sour, everyone juggles with the natural progression of regret, hate and ultimately - forgiveness. Is sadness a side effect of love or is love a side effect of sadness? These questions are just some of the questions posed on the album. Some may find answers, but most of us won't." Check live dates for a town near you, because this is one band you don't want to miss! Are you glad, yeah?


Lost Myself

Written By: C. Patrick

So I need to get away
'Cause time...time weighs heavy on my shoulders
and walked away
and turned my blue skies to grey

Don't go,
I need you so
There's so much I never said
So much I never did
But I can make it up to you

Oh no,
I never felt this low before
it's true
I lost myself when I lost you


The Glad Yeah's 'The Long Knives' EP in 2004, and
debut album "Love Turns to Ash" in January 2006.
4 songs can be heard at

Set List

A typical set as it now stands is:

I Suffocate
Emotional Machines
Easy in the End
Lazy Animal
I am the Rabbit
The Rules

The band choose between one of these covers to play each set;
"Father Of A Son" by THE ARK
"Clamour For Glamour" by THE ARK
"Killing Of A Flashboy" by SUEDE

Set runs a total of 35 minutes.