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The Glance

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Columbus, Ohio, United States
Band Alternative Folk


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"The Glance: A match made on Craigslist"

There is almost nothing you can't find on Craigslist. Need an old Datsun? How about a box full of freshly born cats? It's all there. However what Travis Bunner (vocals/guitar) was looking for was slightly harder to come by. Bunner was looking for a band. Greg Vieira (guitar) responded to Bunner's ad and, to their surprise, they discovered they lived just few houses apart. After a few informal jam sessions, the two found they had a similar musical vision and a good rapport, and thus are the beginnings of The Glance. Over time, Will Fleeter (percussion), Phil Minnick (Bass), Mike Skamfer (Banjo) and Tappan Kenny (mandolin/trumpet) also joined in to fill out the lineup.

The historical stylings of The Glance are, to say the least, eclectic, and even a bit humorous, but recently the band has started to really define their sound.

"We actually had a few songs where I was rapping," laughed Bunner. "We have since gotten rid of those, along with some slower songs and a few straight alternative rock ones. It's ended up being more of an alternative folk rock mix, but with some bluegrass instrumentation, once we added the banjo and mandolin."

As part of the defining process, the guys are releasing "Matchmaker," their first EP, available on Aug. 7. With it, they hope to cement in the collective Columbus conscience their newly found sound and generate some buzz for their live shows.

"It's a four-song EP that we've been recording for a long time, but it's finally completed now. It's kind of like the polished versions of the songs from the first few months we were together as a band," Bunner said.

To get a taste for their sound, two tracks from the EP are available on their Myspace page; "Preen" and "I Met My Match in the Bomb." "Preen" begins with slower moving acoustic intro. It's thick, with dark undertones of intensity, and builds to a quick, electric finish. Bunner's vocals are smooth, but haunting. If you're looking for something to compare it to, the parallels between Bunner and Cold War Kids frontman Nathan Willet are undeniable. The banjo here assists in adding to the overcast atmosphere of the track, while keeping it from careening over the edge into downright gloominess. "Bomb" is slightly more jam band-ish, but the Cold War Kids similarities persist. If the guys are trying to nail down a sound, "Matchmaker" is certainly the tool with which to do it. These tracks, along with the other two, are a strong showing of the band's ability and range, while never deviating far from what is clearly the agreed upon direction.

However, with the groups history and eclectic influences, it would be hard to say definitively that it's not going to change and head off down an entirely new road, altogether.

"Hopefully we'll be getting back into the recording studio to record some of our newer stuff, and some of it's a little different, but these four songs are a pretty good representation of our sound right now," said Bunner.

Scarlet & Grey Cafe
Friday, July 3
9 p.m.
$5 - UWeekly

"The Glance debut a solid first full performance"

A fusion of laid-back folk blues with indie progressive rock sounds
navigate outside the open door onto Fifth Avenue. On a typical
Monday night a Columbus, Ohio passerby may look inside Victorian’s
Midnight Café to expect fewer occupants. But tonight, each chair
inside the restaurant bar café is occupied by an intent listener.

Some are sitting in groups, while others sit alone. Despite the venue’s
warm temperature a handful stick it out, leaning against the back
wall. Stools are full of bodies with heads angled away from the bar,
looking toward the left.

On stage to debut their first full live set is a local multitalented sestet:
The Glance.

Draped behind the stage was a stitched banner, on which an image
of two birds hold a scroll with the band’s name. Scattered on tables
were buttons embedded with official logos for attendees to take.

Throughout the set a wide-range of backing vocals matched an equal
array of instruments to collectively compliment the band’s uniquely
mixed folk-rock sound: concertina, piano, guitar (Ian Iott); banjo, keys
(James Hollis); and bass (Kyle Kingman).

The crowd’s eyes were drawn to lead singer and guitarist Travis
Bunner’s fisted elbow pulls as he grabbed for various styles, pitches
and lyrics of energetic emotion that engaged the audience’s ear. At
one point Bunner spotlighted his ambidextrous vocal styles by
bursting into a fast-paced rap.

Greg Vieira’s prevailing guitar solos aligned with smooth full-band
instrumental builds to interrupt some lengthy songs with precision.

Although dominated by original songs (“Will and Tom,” “Erect,”
“Sandboxes,” "Happiness In Pills," and “Matchmaker” among
others), the crowd was pleased to sing along with two covers,
including Cold War Kids’ “Hang Me Up to Dry.”

Following a brief break in the near total two hour performance,
drummer Will Fleeter showcased his multi-talent by performing
“Preen” on an acoustic guitar. Bunner bellowed the song’s
melancholy lyrics in a Lou Reed style.

On this night, The Glance filled Vic’s and arrested the audience with
solid, fresh music and catchy, memorable choruses. As the band
prepares for in-studio recordings later this month, it’s assured this is
only the beginning—The Glance has combined the right elements and
created a new chemical bond that has potential to dissolve other
bands who attempt this genre of music. - OUT OF THE BLUE PUBLICATIONS


Matchmaker (EP) - Release date: August 10, 2010

Our first single off the EP is "I Met My Match In The Bomb," which we hope to have on the radio shortly. Our music has been featured by Eric French on Groundswell Columbus.



The Glance experiments with various instruments and musical styles, but relies on acoustic instrumentation in order to stay true to the roots of American music. In addition, The Glance’s lyrics are uniquely American. They explore the psyche of the American citizen often focusing on religious and political issues, individuality, depression, empathy and vanity. Specifically, in “Happiness In Pills,” the lyrics explore the lives of two people that must deal with unexpected pregnancy and the subsequent reaction of the mother that has long suffered from clinical depression. Both turn to prescription medicine to numb their pain, as many people often do in our over-medicated society. "I Met My Match In The Bomb" explores the relationships between American soldiers and Afghan citizens who struggle with radical philosophies in times of constant war. The band members take their craft seriously, but the music is also motivated by a desire to entertain. Therefore, the band attempts to deal with these challenging themes with an upbeat attitude. The band exudes confidence on stage providing audiences with energetic performances and dynamic musical arrangements. The band began playing shows in the summer of 2009 and continues to play at venues in Columbus, OH and the surrounding area.

The Glance began as a collaborative effort between Travis and Greg, when the two first met in August 2008. A graduate student, Greg had been playing open-mics around Columbus for about a year and realized that he wanted to work with other musicians again. Travis had just moved to Columbus for graduate school and did not waste any time looking for new band members. He desired to create a sound similar to his previous folk band, Clovis Crane, based in West Lafayette. However, he wanted to include more progressive influences and additional instrumentation. When Travis and Greg realized that their visions meshed well, the two decided to form a full band to produce their folk rock sound. Will joined the band at the beginning of 2009 on drums, in addition to other musicians who have since departed. Phil was eventually brought on to play bass guitar, Mike was tapped to play banjo and Tappan joined the band as the principal acoustic guitarist, but also plays mandolin and trumpet.