The Glass Cavalry
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The Glass Cavalry

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Rock Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Ten Best Shows in St. Louis This Weekend: November 8 to 10"

Self-described indie/alternative/pop-punk locals the Glass Cavalry releases its CD, Burn and Void, with plenty of Schlafly Beer flowing free. Stream the entirety of Burn and Void via Bandcamp and check them out at this free in-store. (MS) - Riverfront Times

"The Glass Cavalry"

...blend a sense of intensity with an obscene amount of fun. - Symphony Magazine

"The Local Produce Section Episode 3: The Glass Cavalry"

Now, the story doesn’t stop there. After a few shots of Buffalo Trace, I watched TGC play their show – I took into account that what was happening on stage was a lot different than what I had seen before in local bands. The sound was different. The stage presence was different. The male to female ratio was 1:3 and it made a huge difference in how they are perceived by the audience. The crowd was mainly chicks (go figure.) and just like the Cheryl Dilcher and Wilson sisters of our time, here is a band who doesn’t give a f*** what sex YOU are.

Musically, they range from sounding pop (like No Doubt) to sounding nostalgic (think Third Eye Blind) to sounding eerily lingering like the B-sides you would hear on a Black Sabbath record…it takes me back to the ol’ phrase at KSHE 95: “A wide spectrum of sound” – which sometimes isn’t the case with all bands you hear today…they will be ONE genre…this band omits that boundary and decided to acknowledge all of their sounds. - KSHE 95

"Moving Forward: Bulletpop, The Glass Cavalry, and Logos at Plush"

"The Glass Calvary is a band not afraid of the twists and turns that makes music exciting. They put in a performance packed with energy, fun, musicianship, and an attention to song craft." - The Record Crate - St. Louis, MO

"The Glass Cavalry Shatters Expectations"

While describing the band’s sound as “the quirkiness from Weezer and (slammed) that on top of the epicness of Pink Floyd,” Lindhorst excitedly tugs at her flower printed suspenders. Barnum jokes that all of the bandmates have emotional problems, which they bring to their songs along with an awkward sense of humor. “Somehow it’s just this giant melting pot of awesome,” Lindhorst says.
Although Barnum writes the songs, the other bandmates get to add their own personalities as well. “(Barnum gives) us the room, and we painted it and put up pictures,” Durington says.
Above all else, the band stresses the intense emotions put into its songs. The band played its tunes, such as the pirate rock song “Scalliwag” at venues in Jefferson City, St. Louis and Columbia. They also released a three song EP titled Burn and Void EP on March 15. The Columbia-based band will perform at The Blue Fugue on April 12. - Vox Magazine

"The Local Project Episode18: The Glass Cavalry"

Last week on The Local Project, host Jake Videmschek talked to The Glass Cavalry, a new import from Columbia that describes themselves as a “Weezer-Pink Floyd hot fudge sundae”. Here you can hear clips from the interview about the band’s origins and what they’ve noticed about moving into Saint Louis’ music scene, along with clips of Cuomo-Waters desserts in MP3 form. - The Galaxy Radio

"Katy Mooney"

"The Glass Cavalry were great to work with during my time photographing them for a professional group portrait. They not only have chemistry with one another, but they also have a clear and ambitious vision for where the band is headed in the future." - Katy Mooney Photogrpahy

"Columbia Daily Tribune Show Announcement"

The Glass Cavalry

When Thursday, March 29, 2012, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Where The Bridge, Columbia
Cost $5

What if Weezer and Pink Floyd had a supergroup and they came to Columbia? Why, that would be the QUIRKIEST, most EPIC thing to ever happen! The Glass Cavalry have embodied that very concept and promised to share it locally.

The Glass Cavalry will be appearing with Middle Class Fashion at The Bridge in downtown Columbia in an effort to promote their latest music release – a three-song EP teaser of their upcoming album to follow later this year. - Columbia Daily Tribune

"FLO Fest...this is how we do it: A Very Special Supporter"

About 5 years ago, back in my t-shirt making days, I met a gentleman by the name of Grant Barnum. He came to me to get some t-shirts made for his band, Echoes Origin! I had mostly been making apparel for the local school's sports a band t-shirt was a refreshing change to my normal pace. I gladly took the job and over the course of the time we worked together, Grant and I formed a nice working relationship.

After satisfying his t-shirt needs, I approached Grant about playing at FLO Fest! He gladly accepted and we were graced by the wonderful tones of Echoes Origin at the 2nd Annual FLO Fest!

Since then, Grant has been an avid supporter of FLO Fest. He has returned each year to play with us even after changing pace with a new band, The Glass Cavalry.

Grant is a kind, determined young man. He is thoughtful and caring and is always willing to help in any way that I need him!

I cannot express how much Grant's support means to me. To know that I always have someone to rely on is a huge deal for me. I know that if I was ever in a pinch, I could call on Grant and he would be there for me!

I have not always been the best planner, and The Glass Cavalry did not get the credit they deserved last year as they exited the stage around 4am. This year will be different. Our headlining band will be no other than...The Glass Cavalry! They will be playing the prime time spot this year so be sure to head out and take a listen!

Please go to and LIKE their band page! You will also find music from their new EP on iTunes! Please show your support for this up and coming local band and buy a track or two! I guarantee you will not be disappointed! -


"The Glass Cavalry were great to work with during my time photographing them for a professional group portrait. They not only have chemistry with one another, but they also have a clear and ambitious vision for where the band is headed in the future." - -Katy Mooney


Still working on that hot first release.



Quick! Name a band with three chicks and one dude. Ha! It's harder than it sounds, isn't it? Now try naming a band that fuses the fretboard ferocity of classic rock with tantilizing, oscillating keyboad tones. Tongue tied? Try this one: an indie-alternative electro-pop synth rock band that simultaneously blends verbose, tangible storytelling with grooves both dramatically aggressive and shamelessly playful...nothing? THE GLASS CAVALRY makes all that happen. And no, by the way, you won't be ready for it.

After two years of tireless promotion, these St. Louis natives are on a mission to rescue the nation's sleeping airwaves with something fresh and inventive - the release of their debut album "Burn and Void". This collection spins listeners in so many directions, threatening whiplash yet chaining them to the hook with Katie's siren voice and Grant's razor lullabies. Each track serves to present an emphasis on melodic tension-and-release catharsis.

But how can this perfect storm exist? How is The Glass Cavalry possible? Only "Burn and Void" can tell.