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" Take a look now at someone who’s taken a different route to get to the mainstream and someone who’s going to shatter the notion that success is all about ‘industry’ or watered-down throwaway music. The Glass Child has broken through with some music of real depth for her fans to keep. This is how music is going to sound good again. ‘Ghost’s’ shows the makings of an icon, I believe. ” -
“..she tears down walls with her music, using starkly honest lyrics and intense vocal chops to draw her listeners in and turn them inside out”

“There’s an ethereal beauty to Charlotte’s vocals that speaks straight from the heart. She knows how to make every word count, how to tear the emotion from every syllable.”

“You will be extremely hard pushed to find an EP that gives more than “The Glass Child”, let alone a debut EP. If there is any justice in this world, Charlotte Eriksson’s talents will be given the exposure they truly deserve.” -

“ The kind of voice that plays with your emotions and the type of lyrics that seem so similar to you, it’s almost scary. With brilliant music to match her voice and character, The Glass Child is an artist to look out for.” -

“Once in a while you stumble across an artist you have never heard of before and they just blow you away.” - - Blogs and magazines form both UK and US


debut-EP - May 2011
This Is How Ghosts Are Made - Dec 2011



the Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson, is the girl from Sweden who left everything she knew to prove to the world what she can do and live her life on her own terms. Only 19 years old she moved all on her own to London to give her life to the music. A year has passed and since then she has started her own record label ”Broken Glass Records”, produced and released her debut-EP in May, had music-blogs and magazines from all over the world to write about her story, and play at famous venues all over London. In September she released a charity-single ”I Will Lead You Home”, for the swedish cancer-organization Ung Cancer, to support young victims of the disease. The song exploded and reached # 2 on the Swedish Itunes-charts and has now been played 40,000 times on youtube. And most of all, she's done everything on her own, with nothing but a dream, hard work and determination.

”I think you have to decide what kind of person you wanna be. Do you wait for things to happen, or do you make them happen yourself? I believe in writing your own story.” Charlotte surely knows how to make things happen and December 5th she's releasing her second EP ”This Is How Ghosts Are Made”.

“ I made a decision. Find what you love and let it kill you, right? So I left all I had, moved to London, and now I've spent a year here, observing my own behavior and how other people live. I left my friends and family back home, and had to deal with the missing, the moving on, and how to let new people in. I've been forced to get to know myself and my mind, and I've spend weeks in solitude, telling the story of my life. ”

She's switching between a fragile broken voice with lyrics like poetry, to crystal-clear, edgy punk-rock vocals that cuts right through. With comparisons like ”a punk-version of Bjork and Tori Amos” to vocalists like Hayley Williams (Paramore) and Dia Frampton, she leaves no one untouched.

The first track is called ”Tell The World” - ” This is me telling the world that I'm still alive. This is me proving all those who doubted me, wrong. This is me showing the kids out there, that those years of struggle will be the years you grow your strength.”

To celebrate her first show in the states, November 2nd in New York, she released ”Insanity” from the album, as a Halloween-single October 25th. The song "Best Part Of Me" was produces with Jason Wilcock (You Me At Six, We Are The Oceans etc.) at Stakeout Studios, and the rest is all produced and recorded by Charlotte.

”My lyrics might be too honest, edgy and make people uncomfortable, but if that’s what it takes to reach them, I’ll do it. I want to shock people. Shake up the world. Make them think thoughts and feel things they never felt before. Leave a scar. I want to go above and beyond what’s expected of me. I want to do this so well that they can’t take their eyes off me. I want to be breathtaking.”