The Glasses

The Glasses


The Glasses are indie rock with fits of loser kid anxiety.


The Glasses, once a complicated molecular structure having three of its members involved in other projects, is now easier to comprehend.
In the beginning KII Kay was involved with two other bands including The Glasses. Adrian was involved with Spyplane, The Glasses and his own music. Will was playing guitar with Hypatia Lake and his child, The Glasses. Caleb was driving or flying out from Indiana to play shows with The Glasses here in Seattle.

The band was first exposed to the public ear in May 2002 at Seattle's Chop Suey rock club. They became dormant at a local recording studio (Audio Boutique) experimenting with the sound that would soon define The Glasses. A year later they popped up again for a record release show with their first offering of music, the SUNBREAKS EP. After solidifying the line-up, the Glasses performed just about anywhere they could to prepare for their first full-length album. In April 2004 the songs were tracked by Zack Reinig at Chroma Sound in Magnolia and their self-titled album was scheduled for release at Seattle's Paradox Theatre in the FALL 2004 on Double Dos Records.

The band is presently writing new songs, touring regionally in support of the new album and preparing for a NW tour in support of Philadelphia's Pattern Is Movement in August.


Sunbreaks EP (rel 2003)
The Glasses LP (rel 2004)
- Killed By Joy into medium rotation regionally

Set List

We have a set list of approximately 14 songs that we cycle through to fill approximately 45 minutes to an hour. It consists of the following songs:
Overlapping Dreams
Killed By Joy
The Smart Move
See For Yourself
Favorite Kind of Brilliant
Another Postcard From Berlin
Cool Girls
A Fictional Place
Young Autumn Electrical
Last Stand In The Final Scene
Stationary Travellers