the glass family

the glass family


We, the glass family, are some kids from Austin playing incredibly loud and fun music that falls somewhere in the diluted genre of rock or progressiverock.


Individually, we are all songwriters, in the glass family and outside of the the glass family. The sythesis of each of our personal tastes, coupled with the instruments chosen for our live set, makes for an interesting sound: original, but not inaccessible. Our experience as individuals trying to communicate directly to an audience through music, creates an alliance as a band. p.s.-we love elliot smith.


Our ep that we just released was conceived in a barn, just like Jesus Christ. The ep has six original songs. They’re kind of hard to describe; it’s like being within a crowd of millions of people and trying to name everyone around you. I do know that the songs feel young and unbreakable, new and enthusiastic, wrapped in a glossy tint of naivete.

Set List

Our set list is made up of nine songs, each song averaging at four minutes, comprising a forty-five minute set. 1. song in b 2. burst the bubble 3. lazy lands 4. built lily 5. ...up on you 6. show the ocean to it's bed 7. grieving when....8. stabs in the heart 9. smile your teeth
We do not perform any covers at the moment.