Glass Fingers

Glass Fingers

 Portland, Maine, USA

Glass Fingers crafts melodies that are at times calm and sweet, at others heavy and dancey. It is emotional electronic music - mature, not angsty, never trite. Recorded tracks showcase a meticulous polish, while live performances allow audiences to feel the passion behind the music.


Jesse Gertz, the man behind Glass Fingers, has been perfecting his style since he could hit keys on a keyboard, and every day he is a better artist than the day before.

His music showcases an intense passion and emotional depth that is often missing in electronic acts. It does so without any of the whiny triviality of much emotional music.

While the music can be, at times, serious, shows are always light and fun.

He's all for straight talk, and talking in the third person.

His shows promise not to disappoint. He is going to do everything he can to put on the best possible show.

Unlike many other electronic acts, he doesn't rely on pre-recorded loops when playing live shows, almost every sound heard is performed live.

take a listen to his latest release for a good idea of what you're dealing with-


Album - 2010
VIII - 2009

Set List

songs that might be performed at any given show:

3:33- a heavy electronic song with lots of yelling. Very intense ending.

Stranger- a cool, slower jam that almost makes you feel like you're doing something naughty.

Slow Jam- an unnamed slowjam in the vein of Barry White and Marvin Gaye. An audience favorite.

Paper Boat- a lovely, emotional song with a good beat.

Free Bird.

Hero's Revenge- Super heavy, intense, and powerfull. Get into it and let yourself go.

2013- Vocals and electric bass only. A song about the uncertainties of life and death. Written before everyone was making a big deal about 2013.