The Glass Poets Lyricists

The Glass Poets Lyricists

 Sacramento, California, USA

3 folks who never met in person sharing the same passion of writing, composing original songs with the goal of selling the material or writing for an up and comer or established artist


We, The Glass Poets Lyricists are 3 everyday folks whom HAVE NEVER MET IN PERSON. Douglas W White resides in Sacramento Ca, Barbara Adkins resides in Cape Coral Fl and Micheal A Bradshaw resides in Rehobeth Al. We do not consider ourselves as entertainers but instead story tellers. They have NEVER been in a recording studio. All of their material is written via phone calls, emails etc. Once they have a lyrics structure solidified then as all 3 are musicians, they then record the tracks which they feel they need. They use home PC recording programs such as Tascam, Adobe, Majixs and Mixcraft. They have a raw sound to them but are getting better and cleaner with each new song. As song writers they try to get a song to a place where as they want you to hear how it is intended to sound and or for you to use as a guide for you to make it your own.
We are registered with BMI and legally copyrighted. Douglas has put The Glass Poets on well over 50+ music sites on the net. They are humbled to have a fan base that is growing and their music is getting plays all over the world.
Our song " When A Heart Aint Free" just recieved The Honorable Mention Award via The Internet Song Of The Year Contest.


When A Heart Aint Free

Written By: Douglas, Micheal, Barbara - The Glass Poets

written and performed by The Glass Poets Lyricists
from indie cd: Stories Of Today & Gone Yesterdays
BMI # 10960557

1: I dont know just what it is - that I'm gonna do
All I know is that I am honestly - in love with you
It keeps getting so much harder - each passing day
But until you find yourself - I gotta be on my way
2: I keep praying everyday to God - to let you see
I ask him please to find a way - to be free
If only you could feel the way I have - inside of me
Then maybe you can find the strength - to let us be
chrs: Oh it takes a leap of faith to beileve - what you cannot see
Trusting in something you cant touch - is the hardest thing
Cause not everything you feel in your heart - is what it seems to be
When your heart aint free - it wont let you see
3: I dont know what else that I could do - to prove to you
To help you feel the love I feel for you - is really true
If what I say is not enough for me - to change your mind
That all my love means nothing more - than wasted time

Momma's Voice

Written By: Douglas W White - Barbara Adkins - Micheal A Bradshaw

Momma's Voice
The Glass Poets
for upcoming collaboration cd: Untameable
1: Momma always said what she had to say
your on the wrong place Son, dont go that way
turn your back on that dark and winding road
2: a jet black harley his only pride
arms inked in skulls and born to ride
the brotherhood was the family he chose
momma could not believe her son was so bold
riding his iron horse towards a cold headstone
chrs: bar fights - bike rides - what a crazy life
scars and broken knuckles and black eyes
taking on life without a clue
momma said it will catch up to you
bridge: A blur of drugs and women came and went
pockets always empty his soul nearly spent
taking life for granted was his own choice
still his head echoe'd with his momma's voice
3: blazing down a darkened road
the weight of his life what a heavy load
pain he had causes at times unleashing hell
4: some say he went straight - changed his ways
some say he finally heard what she had to say
just a matter of time before her pain he felt

outro: her voice rang in his head like a mystic spell
the young man who left his momma's side
he wiped away the tears that she cried
thank you momma for keeping me alive


BMI 999948


Written By: Douglas - Micheal - Barbara - The Glass Poets Lyricists

The Glass Poets
From Cd: Garage Sale
BMI 999948


1: Baby dont say – you dont want to do this anymore
Your'e just gonna give it up and walk away
There is no such thing as evening the score
Somebody's always hurting either way

2: In times like these – we should hold each other tight
Dog our heels in deep and just hang on
remember when the knot was strong and tight
We made love until the night was gone
Thats when we heard our favorite song

chrs: There was something in your eyes
That I could always recognise
A sparkle of light a glimmer of hope
And I just cant bear to see it go --- away

3: I know I've made some bad mistakes
In the name of love through out the years
Still I would'nt change the life that I've made
Or the children that my heart hold so dear

4: So cant you see we have what we need
To make it through the times that make us sad
We might not have the best of everything
Because the best of everything is what we have

chrs 2: Cause when I look into your eyes
I can still recognize
A sparkle of light – a glimmer of hope
I just cant bear to see it go --- away

Outlaw Keepers

Written By: The Glass Poets Lyricists - DWW - BA - MAB - Mark Paradis

1st indie Cd: Spirits Of Adventure
The Glass Poets
Douglas W. White Michael A. Bradshaw Barbara Adkins
(special writing credit to Mark Paradis)

Outlaw Keepers

Saddle bags were brimmin
with that stolen gold
Outlaw heart was racing
In the winter night so cold
He came upon a homestead
Lookin for a bed
Hey, hey now mister
Can I rest my weary head

He sat down with the old man
Had a glass of apple cider wine
Told of a posse behind him
And of him running out of time

Son if your an outlaw
Don't tell me no more
Your on my land now
An you'll be safe for sure

Outlaw keepers learn to bolt the door
They're just old cowboys who have seen so much more
They don't trust no one they haven't seen before
But for a price of gold you can sleep on the floor

BMI 10960534

The Warmth Of Christmas

Written By: Douglas W White - Barbara Adkins - Micheal A Bradshaw

The Warmth Of Christmas
from indie cd: Garage Sale - The Glass Poets

woh Rudolph

1: Snowflakes fall gently to the ground
The sound of carollers is all around
A Christmas tree angel shines and glows
As the winter frost nips at your nose

2: There is nothing like the feeling at Christmas time
A time to show love some faith and pride
We're all waiting for St. Nick to come
Another festive season has just begun

chrs: So merry Christmas everybody and have a happy new year
We're all friends and family so close and dear
So love one another it makes life worthwhile
The warmth of Christmas will make you smile

3: Family and friends all start to arrive
All bearing presents, food and wine
There will be cookies and cakes for all
As the snowflakes outside continue to fall
repeat chrs:

The Glass Poets Lyricists
BMI 12229923

September 11, 2001

Written By: The Glass Poets Lyricists - DWW - BA - MAB

The Glass Poets
September 11, 2001
from upcoming cd: Untameable

1: hell came thundering from the sky
thousands gone - we all ask why
for a radical view innocent people died
trying to break down our nations pride

2: when the clouds of dust and smoke came to rest
the sleeping giant gasped for breath
anger first burned the giants eyes
but it was not the answer to our nations cries

chrs: lets stand together our nation as one
this injustice will be undone
our voices have been heard strong and loud
we'll bleed together we're a nation proud

3: what was meant to bring a nation down
barely scathed a giants crown
clearing rubble with grief and sorrow
turned everyday people all into hero's

4: now this giant holds his foot up high
and it will come down with massive might
we pray for those who did this wrong
for they will face the wrath of our nation strong


BMI 12162244

Devil On My Shoulder

Written By: White - Adkins-Bradshaw- Harrison-Guy

Devil On My Shoulder
written by
The Glass Poets (USA) & Internal Dealin(Great Briton)
music by The Glass Poets
for upcoming collaboration cd: Untameable

1: Ive lived real high and I sunk real low

Take a good look - you see how it shows

Dont read like a book this face of mine

Rivers of age - its a road map of time

Run through my gaze - like tracks of my life

Twist and turns as if lost in a maze

2: Ive paid for my things with wages of sin

Ive sold deceit and gave no receipt

Ive walked the line time after time

Ive told lies to innocent eyes

Ive whispered fear to willing ears

Ive been on the run since my life begun

chrs; Cause Ive got the devil on my shoulder

And his brother on the other

Talking in tongues from ancient times

And theres only one thing they seek

To tear my soul from inside of me

Until this is done they wont be satisfied

bridge: Well I aint no choirboy - I sing no hymns

I aint no angel with wings - its clear to him

I chose this path of my life - every wrong turn

Thers no turning back - just the way it is

3: But now the man has caught me

And its so plain to see

Gonna lock me up and throw away the key

This iron cage wont hold me

My heart is black and that a fact

But when Im free Im gunnin from you

repeat chrs

BMI 12750412

I'm Back To Me

Written By: The Glass Poets Lyricists - DWW - MAB - BA

"I'm Back To Me "
from indie cd: Garage Sale
Verse 1
I Don't Know where I'm Going
I can't remember where I went
When I woke up this morning , All I know
Is I feel Like I jumped right In
Into a whirlwind
Into a whirlwind
Cause my head won't stop it's spinning
And my heart can't tell when the pain
Is gonna end.
Verse 2
I don't know why
I feel this way about it
In all my life
I've managed to live without it
So why not now
So why not now
Cause my head won't stop it's spinning
And my heart can't tell when the pain
Will settle down.
Settle down, Settle down
Just leave me alone
So I can figure out the right way
An open door to some way
Where nothing's wrong
Oh nothing's wrong
I guess I'll play it off as something
That ended up as nothing
But the twinkle of an eye , That set me free
Now I'm back to me
Verse 3
Now I know where I'm going
Cause I remember where I've been
And when I wake up in the morning , I don't know
I might jump right back in again
Into a whirlwind
Into a whirlwind
Cause I won't give up on living
And I can't stop my heart from giving
When it settles down
Settle down, Settle down
Just leave me alone
So I can figure out the right way
An open door to some way
Where nothing's wrong
I guess I'll play it off as something
That ended up as nothing
But the twinkling of an eye , That set me free
Now I'm back to me
Now I’m back to me
Now I’m back to me
I’m back to me

BMI# 11170787


1: Spirits Of Adventure (country, country rock)
2: Stories Of Today & Gone Yesterdays (country pop crossover, soft rock)
3: Life Is Not For Granted - (contemporary Christian inspirational)
4: Garage Sale (country, country rock)
5: Move To Higher Ground - 5 songs by The Glass Poets and 5 original songs from Micheal - contemporary Christian)
6: Upcoming collaboration Cd: Untameable - teaming up with their new friends in Great Briton - Chris Guy & Kerry Harrison (Internal Dealin) (rock, southern rock, swamp rock, blues rock) projected release date Nov 2011
7: Upcoming compilation Christmas Cd for indie artists: The Warmth Of Christmas - Douglas is in the midsth of putting together a cd for Christmas - all indie artists original Christmas songs - no covers - projected release date Nov 2011

Set List

We are not a band - we are song writers whom have never met - someday we would all love to be in the same room jamming our songs together