The Glass Projeckt

The Glass Projeckt

 Friendswood, Texas, USA

The Glass Projeckt is described as the soundtrack to a post nuclear United States -a vision of futuro neo medievalism. It has angst, punk influences, and post hardcore flourishes. the trio describes themselves as space industrial.


The Glass Projeckt got its start in Littleton, Colorado and had its humble beginnings in a basement studio. Now it returns to Littleton to continue its musical path.



Written By: The Glass Projeckt

by: The Glass Projeckt
Album: Phobia 2010

it's decay
and you let it slip away
and you don't care if it lives
you'd rather watch it die than let it burn
something is crawling on my skin
is it just that I'm already dead
and don't know it yet
maybe they can have my funeral
I look into the void
and it looks right back at me
I wonder why I stare
I wonder why it does
and then we get out some paper

and we draw up some plans
the beautiful unknown
If I can't see you
then maybe I can feel you
as the hammer falls
do you know what this does
If I can't see you
then maybe I can feel you

we come out of fog
and go into war
the tear gas falling
better get our masks on
within in this liquid state
raining down upon our heads
holding up a sign
no fuel for 500 hundred miles
can get I lift?
through this maze of destruction
whats with the craze and confusion
and the folly that we see up ahead
where is the map?


Ghost Signature 2005
Piano Death Sessions 2006
Phobia 2010

Set List

Typical set list is about 10 songs. Its a progressive story or theme throughout.