The Glas vocal ensemble

The Glas vocal ensemble

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Experience Bulgaria's beautiful song tradition by listening to the Glas Vocal Ensemble's seven female voices. GLAS offers musical performances accompanied by engaging tales about the songs and the music. “Glas” was formed in 2001, and is working intensively with Bulgarian acapella music, adding new ideas and creating a unique expression which is now the signature of their seven-women joint venture. They have performed at music and cultural venues across Denmark, Sweden, Faroe Islands and Bulgaria.
The singers in Glas is extremely gifted as soloists who bring the same sensitivity to interpretation apparent in their solo performance to the group setting.They sing some of the most challenging in the Bulgarian choral repertoire.
The Glas vocal ensemble released their first album ”KOPIRIN” in April 2010. The album presents 20 tracks from Glas’ repertoire, and is nominated to a Danish Music Award 2010.


CD in 2011 "Kopirin" Vokalselskabet Glas