The Glazzies

The Glazzies

 Sag Harbor, New York, USA

"With riffs that hit you like a shovel to the head, Peter Landi and Dave Horn are stoking the fire of the 90s alt-rock revival." - Noisey


Long Island’s Glazzies recall the heyday of ‘90s alternative rock while adding their own particular blend of influences filtered through the kind of passion they don’t teach in school.

Produced by Justin Pizzoferrato (Speedy Ortiz, Sonic Youth), Glazzies specialize in hook-filled anthems thick with the buzz of overdriven guitars. The undulating riff that kicks off and anchors “So Strange” has the same cross of grunge and psychedelia that early Smashing Pumpkins perfected. The Pumpkins had a great drummer and so do the Glazzies, as Dinosaur Jr.’s legend Murph lends his instantly recognizable pummel to the majority of songs on the five-song Satin Stain EP.

“Nothing To Say” takes today’s de rigueur Nirvana influence and twists it into the kind of muscular pop song that other bands spend entire careers chasing. “Maybe Someday” is a similar concoction, with the band squeezing a dollop of Weezer over top. It’s heartening to see Glazzies covering a lesser known gem by an underrated band. Their version of The Kinks’ paean to nonconformity “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” satisfies on all levels, adding power but sacrificing none of song’s inherent darkness. Closing things out with their most radio-ready song, “Float” hits the same off-kilter but naggingly catchy sweet spot that the Toadies nailed back when.

Released on Old Flame Records, Glazzies’ debut EP establishes them in the same realm as labelmates Cloud Nothings. With a full-length to follow later this year, Glazzies are poised to be the cool kids’ new favorite band.


Kill Me Kindly (Old Flame Records) 

Satin Stain EP (Old Flame Records)

Time Bomb Love (Self Released)