The Glenn Buhr Band

The Glenn Buhr Band


Sleek, handsome and funny guys plus one poet. The music is invented by Glenn Buhr, for musicians who can play anything, read anything, who listen.


Glenn Buhr is a composer of all kinds of music for all kinds of ensembles. His music has been performed internationally by orchestras, ensembles, soloists. His band is crazy talented, wildly educated. They'd never say they're jazz players. It's off-jazz, root-jazz.


holding pattern

Written By: Margaret Sweatman

these short days we wake to the dark in anticipation holding your eyes
liturgical noon gun metal
stroke rod swing you light headed walk the dry air to the station
this is not my stop stone cancels sand I see pavement from the fast car when I’m holding your eyes while the train or sirens on time in response grinds stone glass wheel

When Wintertime

Written By: Margaret Sweatman

When wintertime,
when the sky seems to fall
like diamonds in the snow,
when everywhere the lights
begin to glow,
When even the children promise
they'll be good all year
and sing with joy when gifts appear,
you know we wish for this
on Christmas day.

A gracious tree
with snow on its boughs
like a friend brought in from the cold,
And everyone at peace
in all the world.
Where no one will be forgotten
no one sad and alone,
Our hearts are pure
in our happy homes.
We're safe
from the dark of night
and we kow
we are the light of Christmas day.


CD: thru the wounded sky

Set List

Original music composed by Buhr, improvized thereafter. 45-minute sets. Some instrumental, some with vocals by Moody or Sweatman, some spoken-word, and a few very original covers.