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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Pick Up on This"

Like yogurt, some ideas need to ferment before they're palatable to the masses. Take the laptop music micro-movement that kicked off in San Francisco in the '90s. Skinny guys with glasses, hunched stoically over iBooks and impervious to the dictates of the dancefloor, left the club set unsurprisingly tepid. But one of the sounds that grew out of that scene — glitch — is finally trickling down to party people at large, and was even much gossiped about at Burning Man this year.
The original idea for the genre was to overload one's music-making machine with too many tasks, which would force it to modify sounds in unexpected ways. Now there are ways to replicate those effects, but the result is the same — a scattershot, rough-edged, clipped version of electronic music's usually sleek lines. What was once the domain of nerds and their dateless friends has been juiced up and smuggled into the ever-present post-hippy-raver breakbeat scene. Leading the advance is the Glitch Mob, an amorphous crew of local DJ-producers (the MySpace page lists eight, but it frequently manifests in smaller configurations). Taking crunk and other urban pop music as its canvas to shred, the Glitch Mob manages to keep the dread-out yoga kids moving.

Some have pointed out that this sort of digital bastardizing of ghetto anthems has been done before, and with more complexity, by Oakland's sonic confrontationist Kid606, his colleague DJ /rupture, and others. This is true. But anyone attending a Glitch Mob throwdown will notice a key difference — people getting loose and genuinely having fun. Few seem to be scratching their heads in puzzlement, or cowering in the corner. Perhaps the music is a pinch watered down, but until now the Kool-Aid had been tart indeed. - SF Weekly

"Lightning Strike - LIB reviewed"

Last weekend in Santa Barbara was the 8th annual Lightning in a Bottle festival and I just could not resist the opportunity to bust out of town for a good old fashioned boogie fest in the woods. LIB focuses heavily on the electronica side of music and performance art. Think Burning Man meets Love Fest then make it intimate and put it in the woods instead of the desert and you have Lightning in a Bottle.

Festivals like this are always great because you get lured in by names you know and recognize and then ultimately you leave with new artists and music that you love and can’t wait to hear again. At LIB, the headliners definitely delivered but it was the lesser known (at least to me) artists that stole the show. Here is a brief run down of the people I heard while there that I think you need to check out.

The Glitch Mob (Ooah, edIT & Boreta) - I walked into this show at the Treehouse Stage and these guys were tearing the roof down. Some of the sickest, deepest, funkiest, hip-hop infused beats you will ever hear. Luckily these guys are Cali based and play SF and LA a ton. Look for them at the next Get Freaky throw down. -


edIT - "Crying Over Pros For No Reason" (Planet-Mu)

Daedelus - "Dumfound (edIT Remix)" from the "Something Bells" EP (Plug Research 2004)

edIT - "Crashes" from the "Autonomous Addicts" compilation (The Designed Disorder 2005)

edIT - "Spare Spork" from the "Subvaritrax" compilation (Subvariant 2005)

edIT - "The Prescription" and "Ruffles" from the "Baby Godzilla" compilation (Daly City Records 2006)

edIT - "Hefty Records, 10 years old and Flossed Out"
40 minute exclusive mixtape mashup madness
(Hefty Records 2006)

edIT - "4AM in 4 Parts" from the "Prox EP"
(Ghostly International 2006)

edIT - "Southern Belle" from the "Morrow Choral Orchestra" compilation (The Designed Disorder 2006)

The Grouch - "Artsy (edIT Remix)" for an upcoming Grouch single (Legendary 2007) NOT OUT YET

edIT - "Certified Air Raid Material" full length LP
(Alphapup 2007) NOT OUT YET

Ooah - "Hacksaw/Tubstomper EP" (Glitch Mob Unlimited / Alpha Pup Records)

Ooah - "Tuesday Again" (Devil In The Detail Comp / Interchill Records) - Out Fall 2007

Ooah - "Stomp The Yard" (Clipping Paths Comp / Muti Music) - Release Date: Summer of 2007

Ooah - "Ancient Ascend" (Red Bull Comp 2005 / Ascension)

The Seedling Escape (Ooah & Kitty D) - "Photosynthesis" (Fake Science / Glitch Mob Unlimited)

Kraddy - "Truth Has No Path" (Refiner Records)

Kraddy - "Wiggiddi" Single (Muti Music)

Kraddy - "Tuff Act to Follow Remix" Single (Bless Records)

Kraddy - "Brecht" Single (Muti Music)


Feeling a bit camera shy


When five friends, djs and music producers, Ooah, edIT, Boreta,
Kraddy, Kitty-D, all noted fixtures on the West Coast's underground
electronica scene, came together one night in an experiment in
collaboration, they opened their laptops, and The GlitchMob was
formed, and with it the birth of a sound that is at once fresh and

The Mob deconstructs the standard notions of collaboration,
performance, and genre to create a fully immersive, novel experience
for their audiences. The format of their live shows takes the
convention of a two dj tag-team set and reinvents it by utilizing
anywhere from two to five djs on stage at once who interact musically
more like a jazz combo feeding one continuous stream, each taking the
lead at intuitive moments then threading back into the whole.

No genre is off limits. Their slant - take it all, interweave and
remix it live, add their own sounds and shards, and recompose
everything on the fly. The effect is a sound utterly subversive,
distinctly their own, one that blends the rhythmic accessibility of
hip hop with the big, bassy insistence of breakbeat, all laid out
like digital molasses with a deep, sultry, crook-of-the-finger
yearning that quakes the head, heart, and hips and feels irrefutably

So innovative is their expression that in less than a year since
their formation the GlitchMob has caught the attention of some of
the industry's most notable artists, bringing them to headline
alongside Digable Planets, Hank Shocklee (of Public Enemy), Diplo,
Prefuse 73, Richard Devine, Funkstorung, Dabrye, STS9, Tipper,
Modeselektor, Freq Nasty, Telefon Tel Aviv, Zilla, Plaid, and more.

The Mob continues to crisscross the globe with international bookings
at venues and festivals from Coachella to Shambhala to NASA, from
Electric Daisy Carnival to SXSW.