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"Ron Boudreau, 1961-2004"


Ron Boudreau, 1961-2004
Toronto's punk community was heavily struck by the tragic loss of Ron "Dabz" Boudreau , tattoo artist at Way Cool and member of the G-Men , Tacoma Redd ( Citizen Kill ) and Fall River Fiends . He succumbed May 1 to a massive rejection of a double lung transplant he received over two years ago. Boudreau, 43, had already surpassed the life expectancy of someone living with cystic fibrosis.

"He was one of the best people I've ever met in my life," said Mopa Dean of the G-Men.

Doug Smart (of Tacoma Redd) summed it up best in his eulogy when he said, "If you met him once you liked him, and if you met him a second time he was your friend for life. Toronto lost one of its best guitar players."

Plans for at least three tribute shows are in the works, two with just the bands he played with and another with whoever wants to participate. The shows run back to back in a three-day series, with dates soon to be announced. Proceeds will go to a related cause.

October 32nd will also soon be releasing Tacoma Redd's album featuring Boudreau, along with the G-Men album, titled 14-40-33, the time at which he died.

"There's also a recording of his last show with the Fall River Fiends and a live show we did at CIUT with Steph Perry ," says Dean. "It's the last thing he did with us, so we're going to put that out, too. It's strange. A lot of stuff is going to be released this summer and Ron's all over it, but he's not there."
- NOW | MAY 13 - 19, 2004 | VOL. 23 NO. 3


The Toronto punk community mourns the loss this week of scene veteran Ron "Dabz" Boudreau, who succumbed to a rejected double lung transplant on May 1 at the age of 43. Dabz was a valued utility player among the October 32nd Records roster, contributing buzzsaw guitar riffage to label lynchpins Fall Rivers Fiends and The G-Men, as well as Tacoma Redd; he was also a popular ink artist at Way Cool Tattoos on Queen. Our condolences to his family and many friends; tribute events are currently being arranged. STUART BERMAN
- Eye Magazine - 05.06.04 MUSIC NOTES


MUSIC BEST BET - A TRIBUTE TO DABZ - Eye Magazine Toronto July 15 2004

Punk isn't about spiky hair, piercings, ripped clothing or even loud, snotty music; it's about surviving in a world that deals you shit. Guitarist, tattoo artist and local punk-scene veteran Ron Boudreau-McLellan, a.k.a. Dabz, was handed a raw deal -- in the form of cystic fibrosis that claimed his life at the age of 43. But even as his body rejected a double-lung transplant on May 1 of this year, he had already beaten the odds, far exceeding doctors' predictions for his life expectancy. While the Toronto punk community mourned his death, they're ready to start celebrating his life with a two-night punk party in honour of their fallen friend. The first (July 16) features bands that once used Dabz's axe-work: Tacoma Redd (formerly Citizen Kill), The G-Men and The Falls River Fiends. The second night (July 17) boasts a cavalcade of friends and admirers paying their respects, including The Sinisters, Class Assassins, The DownBelows, Bruiser Brody, Dear Jane I, La LaMont, The Ugly, Murder Squad T.O. Even if you didn't know Dabz in life, you can get a feel for his spirit.

July 16-17. Sneaky Dee's, 431 College. $5 for July 16, $6 for July 17; $8 for two-night wristband. Proceeds for both shows go to the Toronto General Hospital Lung Transplant Unit. - Eye Magazine Toronto


Vol. 10 No. 30 • July 22 - 28, 2004


By Ric Taylor

“Ron had an impact on everyone and everything he came
into contact with,” exclaims Mopa Dean who left his band
Armed and Hammered after 11 years and formed the
G–Men with Ron ‘Dabz’ Boudreau. Dabz, a passionate
musician, talented visual and tattoo artist and friend to all
on Toronto’s Queen Street West scene unfortunately
passed away recently, causing an outpouring of tributes.
This weekend Hamilton remembers.
“We have played Hamilton so much that a lot of people
think we’re from there, and Ron was a big part of that,”
recalls Dean on his relationship with this city. “Ron was
perhaps the nicest yet proudest dude you’ll every meet
and perhaps one of the best guitarists in Toronto. The
G–Men was a collaboration of Ron and myself. His
determination and willingness to help the band succeed
was a driving force, and that allowed us to stay connected
to places, clubs and people in Hamilton and Montreal.”

The G–Men befriended many a band tethered to the
October 32 label (run by Hamilton expatriate Kandis
Johnstone) and beyond, with Dabz’s particular influence
permeating through his guitar playing, tattoo artwork and
“His funeral in Toronto was packed, and not only were
there fellow tattoo artists and members of local biker
chapters there,” offers Dean. “People like Adrian Miller,
Tacoma Redd, Viking Division, Ska Face, Murder Squad,
about three line–ups of Armed and Hammered, Sucker
Punch (now The Midways) promoters, and graphic
artists, club owners, ex–girlfriends—it literally was
standing room only, and it was the funniest and saddest
funeral I have been to in my life. The pastor open with his
remarks that ‘I have not seen so much black and leather
since the last Clergy conference I have been to.’”
After an 18–month stint with The G–Men, Dabz joined
The Falls River Fiends, and then stepped in as second
guitar player in Tacoma Redd’s (formerly Citizen Kill)
“Ron, had a respect for punk rock of the ’70s and ’80s,
but deeply loved metal, and ’70s rock and roll, like Cheap
Trick’s Ron Neilson, and Ozzy’s Zack Wylde,” Dean
explains. “Tacoma Redd gave him the opportunity to go
more into the musical direction he wanted, although in
his last days in the hospital he talked about coming back
to work full–time with The G–men. But once he went in,
he stayed, and we never got the opportunity.
“Lou Molinaro (Corktown’s promoter) as always rises to
the cause,” he adds. “He wants to be part of us paying
tribute to Dabz, and since Hamilton is our second home
as a band, it only makes since that we do show there.”
The past weekend of tribute shows in Toronto raised over
$1,000 for charity and donations collected on the 24th will
be given to the Toronto General Hospital’s Lung
Transplant division in Dabz’s memory.

Remembering Ron ‘Dabz’ Boudreau happens at The
Corktown Tavern this Saturday, July 24, featuring The
G–Men, Falls River Fiends, Tacoma Red and Die Hard
Losers. V



THE G-MEN As far as radio-broadcast recordings go, The G-Men's new 14:40:33 disc is especially poignant: not only does it feature former CIUT program director/current G-Man growler, Mopa Dean, tearing up the control room he lorded over for much of the 1990s, it's also one of the last recordings to feature guitarist Ron "Dabz" Boudreau, who died this year. But instead of just bidding Dabz RIP, The G-Men give their fallen bandmate one last chance to let 'er rip. Like their Scandinavian patron saints Turbonegro (whose "Rock Against Ass" is a favourite cover), The G-Men aren't afraid to dress up their '80s hardcore grime with '70s rock flash, dropping Black Sabbath breaks and sneaky Sex Pistols quotes between their pothole-causing pogos. The Rivoli, 332 Queen W
- EYE MAGAzine - TORONTO- Stuart Berman

"The G-MEN Visit CIUT's 89.5 FM Studio 3 "Equalizing-X-Distort""

G-MEN are a 5-piece from Toronto. They feature Mopa Dean formerly of ARMED AND HAMMERED on vocals, Dabs from FALLS RIVER FIEND on guitar, and James from INFERNAL MAJESTY on guitar. It is an unlikely alliance, but they work well together as a group. They are about to release their debut full length on October 32nd Records entitled "Re-Hab is for Quitters" and we had the opportunity to talk with them live on Equalizing-X-Distort after a live performance in CIUT's Studio 3 on June 15th, 2003. Interview by Steph Perry, Photos taken by Mr. Marky Rodenhizer.

Who is in the band and what instruments do you play ? Why don't you guys start off and we can fill in who's missing ?

Nick (N): My name is Nick Topps and I am the drummer. Red Neck on guitar.

He changed his name for tonight.

N: Yeah he changed his name for tonight. And Jamie G on guitar. And Dave Only on bass.

Isn't Red Neck on the white guitar ?

N: That's it. On the white guitar.

Yes, it was flashy.

N: And we got Mopes on vocals.

Can you break down what bands you were in previously and what bands the other guys were in so we get a sense of where you're coming from ?

Mopa (M): I used to be in ARMED AND HAMMERED and some of you may remember a couple of the songs because we are still playing a couple of those.

We started off the show with an ARMED AND HAMMERED song.

M: What did you play ?

Track 11 (laughter). It was….I can't remember the name of the song….

M: It doesn't matter. Yeah I was in ARMED AND HAMMERED and I still have an acquaintance with MASOCHISTIC RELIGION, right and unfortunately ARMED AND HAMMERED is no more, but the G-MEN are carrying on some of that spirit. We played their last show after 13 or 14 years, so that's done. And now we have the G-MEN here and Dabs or Mr. Redneck used to be VIKING DIVISION and he was in a GUNS N ROSES tribute band a long time ago, too. RUNS IN YOUR HOSES.


M: Yeah and Jamie G, the guy who does all our guitar thunder, he use to be in ALPHA Q for a brief little while and INFERNAL MAJESTY.

ALPHA-Q. I have an ALPHA Q demo.

M: Yeah. And Dave, I am not too sure what bands he was in….

M: The CRTC is going after you guys, but anyways….

N: I was in BEST BIT and the LAGER LOUTS in the UK and GOUT. We rocked, man, we were the best. Better then BLUE VIKING DIVISION, they suck.

How did you guys meet each other and start this band ? How did you decide that you were going to be in a band ?

M: Well I left ARMED AND HAMMERED and I have known Mr. Redneck Dabs here for 10 or 11 years and after leaving ARMED AND HAMMERED, which was an amicable sort of leaving thing I wanted to take a bit of a break, but I always wanted to be in a band with Dabs. In fact, he almost joined ARMED AND HAMMERED a couple of times.

Oh yeah.

M: And we started something briefly about this time last year with some other people which ended up being Nilan Perera and a drummer who I played with in MASOCHISTIC RELIGION called Harry Simpson and Scott who does the "New Release" show here (CIUT), Scott Stevens. He was our bass player for a little while. And that was the original line up and we started getting offers for shows right away so we had to sort of adjust a few things so we kind of did some partings with some people and brought some other people in to the band who we knew could pick up stuff really quickly right away, sort of do that rock n roll, punk n roll sound so enter Mad Nick Topps and Jamie G. and that lead to the beginning of the band. And Ron brought these guys in. He has known these guys for years. It is all sort of people who have known and crossed each others path for a while and we sort of found a good chemistry and we have some similar influences and stuff that we like and it just sort of went from there.

Is the idea of the band to do sort of a more rock 'n' roll styled punk band because obviously you are doing a TURBONEGRO cover. We started off with that tonight.


CHEAP TRICK (laughter)

M: I think the context of what I wanted to do, when I sort of started to put the band together, that's just sort of the idea that I kind of wanted to break a little bit away from the hardcore thing. I found it to start to come really redundant.

More into the Scandinavian rock….

M: Well a little bit more that way.

…or the garage rock…

M: Well more the Scandinavian, but really the idea and you can pick up some of it even though you are probably hearing more of the Scandinavian thing right now was if you could imagine New York City 1977 to 1980, okay. That sort of thing and so that is sort of what I was looking for when we started it. I wanted to bring in some influences … I was kind of hoping that everyone with their different backgrounds in music would bring a lot of different things into the band. Right, there is a lot of different influences a - Equalizing-X-Distort



G-MEN Rehab's For Quitters (October 32nd) Rating: NNN
This Rob Sanzo-produced frantic'T.O. punk rock
release,is, the kind of tuneage you'll be happy
to listen to any time there's beer around.

Like a flattering remark, it's always good to hear
but even nicer when you're drunk. The vocals from
Armmed and Hammered vet Mopa Dean are scratchy and
pissed off (a good thing). Their originals are done
in a classic vein, and they get bonus points,
for covening Turbonegro's Get It On.

"Attack of the G-Men"

The Spill Magazine- FEB/MARCH 2004
Attack of the G-Men -

By: Andrew Ring

"The G-Men were federal agents in the '20s," says Mopa Dean, explaining the name of his band. "I wanted something very different from the band names that I had been associated with in the past, and at the time, I was watching a lot of organized-crime movies and TV shows. G-Men used to fight the mob, usually over prohibition and drugs. Now, put a twist on it, and you have corrupt G-Men on the take. G-Men types were usually connected with the O.G.s – original gangsters. Al Capone had most of the Chicago police force on the payroll."

To go with the band's name, all of the members wear uniforms that include suits, white shirts and black ties. "I always wore a suit when I played with Masochistic Religion, and many of the musicians I like wear suits: Mick Karn, Berry Adamson, Jaco Pastorius, James Chance, Nick Cave and Thelonious Monk. I think suits, especially in punk rock, look really good. It's almost contra to the whole punk thing -- kind of anti-anti-anti punk."

Formed in the summer of 2002, the Toronto-based quartet has a hard-rockin', metallic punk sound with influences as diverse as UK Subs, Motorhead, The Clash, Kiss, Cheap Trick and Turbonegro. Another big influence is Armed and Hammered, Mopa's previous band. The G-Men even perform some of the old A&H songs. When Mopa left that band in 2000, the deal was that the remaining members could carry on with the name and use most of the repertoire. "I just wanted to take a few songs and apply them to my new project. They were mostly songs that Armed and Hammered didn't do for years and, in some cases, didn't even release."

The current G-Men lineup includes Mopa on vocals, Jamie G on guitar, Dave Only on bass and "Mad" Nick Tops on drums. With one CD under their collective belt, Rehab's for Quitters, the G-Men are in the middle of recording another, which they hope to release this summer. The band's lyrics are mostly based on Mopa's personal experiences and thoughts about social issues. “Recent topics have included relations with close friends, the recent Gulf war, the screwed-up political process that I think makes a mockery of so-called democracy, and dealing with my psychic problem. I try to make them cryptic, since some of them can be kind of personal and cathartic. Thus, I can say my piece without being too much of an emotional exhibitionist"

Mopa explains the lyrics of "Piccolo," which is the first song on Rehab's For Quitters. "I stumbled, literally, onto some graffiti on the washroom wall at the Duke of Connaught. I looked up, and I noticed, written in pen: 'Piccolo sais, don't mess with punk.' I thought it was really funny at the time, and I later found out that Piccolo was a squeegee punk from Montreal, so I thought I should write a song about squeegee punks. I eventually found out that a lot of people didn't like him, so to me it's even funnier."

With political topics, Mopa tries to do more than just talk the talk. "I have always been involved with fundraisers and tribute nights. We're always open to ideas and causes that need a hand, like community radio, violence against women and HIV/AIDS."

The G-Men's first gig was with the legendary Teenage Head in 2002, and since then, they've opened for Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls and have shared stages with Toronto bands such as Class Assassins, BUNCHOFUCKINGOOFS, Murder Squad T.O. and Random Killing. They've performed at North By Northeast and Canadian Music Week festivals, as well as at tributes to artists like Joe Strummer, The Ramones and the Sex Pistols. "I can say without a doubt: the scene in Toronto right now is quite vibrant, and it's cool to be a part of it again."

Mopa says it was a lot harder to get into the Toronto punk-rock scene in the early 1980s. "The opportunity to see, hear and be a part of the scene via the media was unheard of, with the exception of 'zines like Maximumrocknroll, radio shows like Aggressive Rock and stores like the Record Peddler and Vortex."

The scene itself was a lot rougher than it is today, according to Mopa. "People would walk around with hammers and screwdrivers under their coats and/or carry chain belts and motorcycle-drive belts. They would pound the shit out of each other in slam pits and sometimes get really badly hurt. I had a friend leave a show with a broken eye socket, and others end up slashed by bottles, or with black eyes. I was stabbed once in the leg after a show at Lee's Palace."

He says the Toronto scene used to be a lot more fragmented than it is today. "The dress code/uniform was a lot more specific, and the politics were all over the map. There were Trojan [non-racist] skinheads who hung out with punks, Nazi punks who hung out with other punks and skins, and Nazi punks who hated Nazi Skins."

Police harassment was also a bigger issue in the punk scene back then. "The police were constantly involved, arresting people for - The Spill Magazine March 04

"Crosstown Rock 3/9/04"

DIXIE TRUCKER - 3/9/04 Crosstown Rock

Hamilton bands have been doing a lot of traveling to the Big T.O. lately. First there was Canadian Music week which saw a slew of Hammer groups showcase over the festival weekend. And if that wasn't enough for you, the G-Men play host to a line-up stacked with Hamilton's best this weekend at Toronto's Sneaky Dee's (March 13th to be exact).

The Steel Town Stomp will feature The Orphan's, the Sam Lawrence 5, Screaming Hallway Girl and the Lorraina's as well as local faves, the Poisoned Aeros. For more info, be sure to check out


Metal Punk with the kind of vocals that aren't pritty, but stand out and get the job down. The Title, Rehab's for Quitters, provides a glimpse of the depth of the lyrics. I do appreciate the Turbonegro and Restarts covers. Simple production highlights the partyin’, in-your-face attitude (EA - PUNK PLANET MARCH APRIL 04


LP (CD) Rehab is for Quitters - October32 RECORDS / SONIC Unyon
LP (CD) Up The Dose - October32 / FAB Distro (Feb 2005)
LP (CD) 144033 - Live at STUDIO 3 CIUTFM- (re-release -Summer 05) OCTOBER 32
Streaming tracks available at web site.




(Influences - TurboNegro, The Clash, Poison Idea, Johnny Thunders (The Dolls), Dead Boys, Exploited, Get it ? Got it? Good).

(Influences - TurboNegro, The Clash, Poison Idea, Johnny Thunders (The Dolls), Dead Boys, Exploited, Get it ? Got it? Good).

After 11 years with Punk Hardcore terrorists, Armed and Hammered, (1989- 2003 RIP) Mopa Dean left the band and took a short hiatus. From the ashes of Armed and Hammered, Mopa Dean and crew bring you The G-Men. Formed in June 0f 2002 as a collaboration between Mopa and long-time Music veteran Ron ‘Dabz’ Boudreau, together they forged a new band.

"The G-Men aren't afraid to dress up their '80s hardcore grime with '70s rock flash"- Eye Magazine

"Simple production highlights the partying’, in-your-face attitude" - Punk planet

"it's always good to hear but even nicer when you're drunk" - Now Magazine

"Fuck all these hipster posers. This is the real rawk from Taranah" - Montreal POP/HOUR

"Hard-edged punk rok" -Now Magazine/ NXNE

"You don't hear many successful updates of classic, anthemic Punk, but this is one band that's nailed it to a board and swung it at the new millennium. Adorning it with some Garage swagger and a splash of Metal flair, these suit-and-tied Canucks are claiming man-o-fist destiny and launching a pre-emptive Punk assault against the U.S". - CINCINNATI CITYBEAT

"straight-ahead punk rock with a lot of metal tone. Just solid, nourishing punk".-National Capital Rock

"Guitar Driven Greatness" - Exclaim Magazine

"lashes of out your speakers with the furry and venom of a pack of wild love starved dogs!!!!!" - Sugar buzz Magazine

"Pissed of guys playing hard rock at hard core tempos" - Razorcakes Magazine

November 2nd 2002, The G-Men secured there Debut Gig with Punk Rock Veterans "Teenage Head" at "Healyes" in Toronto. Other gigs followed shortly with Random Killing, Armed and Hammered, Murder Squad T.O., and Dirty Bird to name a vary few. In December 2002, The G-Men hooked up with Rob Sanzo of "Signal to Noise" Studios to start recording there first release "Rehab is for Quitters"

After setting up a show in Toronto at Sneaky Dee's with long time partner and brother in “Punk Crimes” Uncle Costa (ex-Blood Sausage) The G-Men arranged to have "Vulgar Deli" spread their demon Psycho-Punk Rok Spawn once again in the Town. Vulgar Deli reciprocated in binging The G-Men to Montreal to play at long time haunt and hangout of Mopes "Foufounes Electric" for the annual "Fuck Christmas" show.

With the untimely passing of Joe Strummer, The G-Men decided to pay tribute by organizing and hosting the main Toronto tribute to Joe "The CROOKED BEAT REVUE " A TRIBUTE TO JOE STRUMMER AND THE CLASH ", at the Horseshoe Tavern in February 2003. A complete and total success donating all the funds to future forests in the Joe Strummer memorial "Rebel Forest" The Following June, the G-Men set up and host the "first Annual Punk Rock Festival for NXNE, "PUNK AND DISORDERLY". Now an annual showcase and event for NXNE.

To date...Two studios, one us Canadian tour , more line up changes then Motorhead, and a fallen comrade latter, the G-Men thrust out there latest release "UP THE DOSE". Nearly a year in the making, "UP THE DOSE" was recorded with Rob Sanzo (DEE- DEE Ramone, Forgotten Rebels, Sylvain Sylvain, Sum 41) at Signal 2 Noise and In Toronto, and also with Jeff Dabella at mansion Audio (Auto Pilot off) in New York State USA. "UP THE DOSE" is released on October32 and Distributed by FAB.

In March of 2005, Brian Knapp, one time roadie and pilot joins the band as the new drummer, helping the band complet a barrage of gigs (The Vibrators, Mini - Broadzilla-Tour, Vulgar Deli). Brian left the band in March 0f 2006. Now The G-Men Welcome there newest addition to the Band: Doug Francis. Doug Comes to the G-Men H.Q. with a wealth of experience, expertises second to none as well as an uncanny ability to give all in the band a run for there money when it comes to speed. A very welcome addition to the group.

-Kill Rock and Roll-