The G-Men

The G-Men


"Death Punk Rok & Roll"



(Influences - TurboNegro, The Clash, Poison Idea, Johnny Thunders (The Dolls), Dead Boys, Exploited, Get it ? Got it? Good).

(Influences - TurboNegro, The Clash, Poison Idea, Johnny Thunders (The Dolls), Dead Boys, Exploited, Get it ? Got it? Good).

After 11 years with Punk Hardcore terrorists, Armed and Hammered, (1989- 2003 RIP) Mopa Dean left the band and took a short hiatus. From the ashes of Armed and Hammered, Mopa Dean and crew bring you The G-Men. Formed in June 0f 2002 as a collaboration between Mopa and long-time Music veteran Ron ‘Dabz’ Boudreau, together they forged a new band.

"The G-Men aren't afraid to dress up their '80s hardcore grime with '70s rock flash"- Eye Magazine

"Simple production highlights the partying’, in-your-face attitude" - Punk planet

"it's always good to hear but even nicer when you're drunk" - Now Magazine

"Fuck all these hipster posers. This is the real rawk from Taranah" - Montreal POP/HOUR

"Hard-edged punk rok" -Now Magazine/ NXNE

"You don't hear many successful updates of classic, anthemic Punk, but this is one band that's nailed it to a board and swung it at the new millennium. Adorning it with some Garage swagger and a splash of Metal flair, these suit-and-tied Canucks are claiming man-o-fist destiny and launching a pre-emptive Punk assault against the U.S". - CINCINNATI CITYBEAT

"straight-ahead punk rock with a lot of metal tone. Just solid, nourishing punk".-National Capital Rock

"Guitar Driven Greatness" - Exclaim Magazine

"lashes of out your speakers with the furry and venom of a pack of wild love starved dogs!!!!!" - Sugar buzz Magazine

"Pissed of guys playing hard rock at hard core tempos" - Razorcakes Magazine

November 2nd 2002, The G-Men secured there Debut Gig with Punk Rock Veterans "Teenage Head" at "Healyes" in Toronto. Other gigs followed shortly with Random Killing, Armed and Hammered, Murder Squad T.O., and Dirty Bird to name a vary few. In December 2002, The G-Men hooked up with Rob Sanzo of "Signal to Noise" Studios to start recording there first release "Rehab is for Quitters"

After setting up a show in Toronto at Sneaky Dee's with long time partner and brother in “Punk Crimes” Uncle Costa (ex-Blood Sausage) The G-Men arranged to have "Vulgar Deli" spread their demon Psycho-Punk Rok Spawn once again in the Town. Vulgar Deli reciprocated in binging The G-Men to Montreal to play at long time haunt and hangout of Mopes "Foufounes Electric" for the annual "Fuck Christmas" show.

With the untimely passing of Joe Strummer, The G-Men decided to pay tribute by organizing and hosting the main Toronto tribute to Joe "The CROOKED BEAT REVUE " A TRIBUTE TO JOE STRUMMER AND THE CLASH ", at the Horseshoe Tavern in February 2003. A complete and total success donating all the funds to future forests in the Joe Strummer memorial "Rebel Forest" The Following June, the G-Men set up and host the "first Annual Punk Rock Festival for NXNE, "PUNK AND DISORDERLY". Now an annual showcase and event for NXNE.

To date...Two studios, one us Canadian tour , more line up changes then Motorhead, and a fallen comrade latter, the G-Men thrust out there latest release "UP THE DOSE". Nearly a year in the making, "UP THE DOSE" was recorded with Rob Sanzo (DEE- DEE Ramone, Forgotten Rebels, Sylvain Sylvain, Sum 41) at Signal 2 Noise and In Toronto, and also with Jeff Dabella at mansion Audio (Auto Pilot off) in New York State USA. "UP THE DOSE" is released on October32 and Distributed by FAB.

In March of 2005, Brian Knapp, one time roadie and pilot joins the band as the new drummer, helping the band complet a barrage of gigs (The Vibrators, Mini - Broadzilla-Tour, Vulgar Deli). Brian left the band in March 0f 2006. Now The G-Men Welcome there newest addition to the Band: Doug Francis. Doug Comes to the G-Men H.Q. with a wealth of experience, expertises second to none as well as an uncanny ability to give all in the band a run for there money when it comes to speed. A very welcome addition to the group.

-Kill Rock and Roll-



LP (CD) Rehab is for Quitters - October32 RECORDS / SONIC Unyon
LP (CD) Up The Dose - October32 / FAB Distro (Feb 2005)
LP (CD) 144033 - Live at STUDIO 3 CIUTFM- (re-release -Summer 05) OCTOBER 32
Streaming tracks available at web site.

Set List

can play up to and hour and change, 20 songs, occasionally covers, (The Clash, Turbo Negro, GG Allen, Ramones)