the GMFband

the GMFband


GMF is a family of songwriters and musicians that are touring their first album RIDE OF LIFE around Australia. From surf rock to hard rock, dance to easy listening GMF are wowing the crowds.

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Ride Of Life

Written By: Danni Palombi

Excuse me man can I ask you one Simple little thing?
Did you know that following Jesus Happens like a huge party?
I mean
We got the light (jesus)
We got the food ( word)
We got the stereo blasting loud
( oh praise him)
Only if all my friend's knew
Soon they'll be coming around
I guess i gotta

Hold on tight
It's gonna be the best
Ride Of Life
And it's got me thinking
Why do things?
Always come to an end
Well I guess that's how it is
So let's get over that and get this ride pumping

I have to say this
Please let it be brought to the light
Jesus ain't some old school king
Who lived an ordinary life
I mean
He had a purpose to die for us that's what he said
He loves you and He died for you
So don't finish off second best

pumping pumping pumping


U Gotta Know EP - 2007
Ride Of Life ALBUM - 2009