The GNU Deal

The GNU Deal

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandHip HopJazz

True school jazzy Hip Hop with a distinct and original flair. The duo relies on their innate chemistry to deliver the smoothest witty, edgy and even goofy punch-lines over Urrks' golden-era-inspired production, heavily laced with jazz and funk samples as well as break beats.


When some rappers are quick to talk about cars and champagne, AMFM (Eric Graham) and Koala T (Ashton Hemmons) wake up and head straight for a cold slice of pizza and a warm bottle of beer. The duo will be quick to tell you: “We make our favorite music.” . As class clowns at Cascade Middle School in White Center, just outside Seattle’s south end, the neighborhood the two shared came to influence them more and more, giving their sound a distinct edge.

Their debut release Wait Like Five Minutes and Meet Me On Will’s Street was met with critical reviews, citing an underdeveloped identity. In response, The GNU Deal returned fire with a barrage of shows over the next year, playing dozens of gigs at a slew of venues, sharing the stage with acts such as The Let Go, Louis Logic and Schwayze. The MCs developed an engaging, high energy stage show, capitalizing on their strengths in turntablism, live instrumentation and crowd participation. The group then dropped their sophomore project Swaggeroni & Steez EP — 7 tracks with a honed and developed style with a distinct and deliberate homage to their West Coast True School influences, such as People Under the Stairs, Ugly Duckling, Jurassic 5 & The Pharcyde. After a busy year of performances The GNU Deal then embarked upon a 12-state tour to kick off the year 2012, winning crowds in over 30 major US cities and gaining hundreds of fans across the nation. The duo is currently completing their upcoming full-length release “Yao Ming?!” to be released in Summer of 2012 with guest appearances including Louis Logic (Demigodz, Odd Couple) and their tourmate Tulsi.


Wait like Five Minutes and Meet Me on Will's Street EP
1. Scream
2. Hella Filthy
3. Roll to the Left
4. Lost
5. Untouchable
6. Roads ft. Madison Graham

The Ranier Beer Cheer (Single)

Swaggeroni & Steez
(Full EP has recieved national radio airplay)
1. t.h.e.g.n.u.d.e.a.l
2. Gotchamoney (Like Dirty Dirt McGizzurt)
3. Bounce
4. What a Beautiful Day ft. Essence
5. Feel Ya'self
6. The Greater Northwest Union ft. Madison Graham
7. To My Place

Yao Ming?! (Single, Video)

Set List

Set list varies show to show. The GNU Deal can and has rocked high energy edgy shows as well as all ages equally well.